How Is Lands’ End Partnering to Make ADIFF-erence?  (See what we did there?)

How Is Lands’ End Partnering to Make ADIFF-erence?  (See what we did there?) 

It’s not exactly a secret, maybe more of a little known fact, that Lands’ End has partnered with ADIFF. The work we’re doing together is something we’re pretty proud to share. Here’s a hint: Think “sustainability in fashion.” A very functional answer to the simple questions, like, “What do we do with our extra fabrics? What are we doing to recycle materials? What do we do with those unused pieces of fabrics, like denim for example?” To learn more, just keep reading. You’re sure to love what we’ve been piecing together bit by bit (quite literally, actually).  

Who or What Is ADIFF?

ADIFF is a female-founded design label that gives gifted tailors the tools, workspace, materials, creative flexibility, and support needed to upcycle traditional waste materials with a focus on fashion sustainability. They own their own manufacturing facility. ADIFF believes in creating opportunities for migrants and underserved community members to

truly make a difference by creating eco-friendly clothes and goods. They employ those who believe in the hope of a brighter tomorrow. ADIFF’s mission is to empower marginalized communities and fight climate change through the vehicle of fashion. 

How Is Lands’ End Partnering With ADIFF?

The partnership between ADIFF and Lands’ End started small in the Fall 2021 season, but is quickly growing. The first project involves Lands’ End denim. ADIFF is upcycling Lands’ End’s hemming scraps. Basically, we send them loads of our scrap denim – pieces that were salvaged during our hemming process. Then ADIFF uses their US-based sewing facility to reimagine those otherwise wasted denim scraps into unique accessories, such as our beautiful patchwork bags and hats. This partnership offers Lands’ End customers the opportunity to get their hands on gorgeous, one of a kind, eco-friendly products. It also reduces our facilities’ waste, which in turn betters the planet. We believe this partnership fosters a difference that is worth making. 

Why Is Upcycling Important to Lands’ End?

Upcycling is just another step on our path to sustainability. It’s a way of turning landfill into possibilities. Upcycling isn’t the first of our sustainability efforts, just the most current project. We’ve taken damaged products and returned items and found some creative uses. In fact, back in 2016 Lands’ End began a fiber recycling program to divert fiber waste

from landfills. Lands’ End materials and clothing was repurposed instead of simply thrown out. Today we can proudly say over 500 tons of post-consumer material has been turned into vehicle insulation thanks to this recycling process.  

How is Lands’ End Working Toward Sustainability?

Lands’ End is on the path toward sustainability. We are committed to doing better for our environment, one step at a time. Together with our partners, we are working to minimize our impact on the earth. Our ultimate goal is to work toward building a more sustainable future for us all with a stronger focus on affordable eco friendly clothes. We have some solid goals set for ourselves to help move us in the right direction. By2022, we plan to have 30% of our products made using water-saving finishing processes. Then by 2023, we plan to create a product life cycle component that spans from design to recycle. And by 2025, we are excited to say we’ll have made the move to 100% sustainable packaging and labeling. All of our cotton will come to us from sustainable sources. Plus, 100% of our polyester fibers will be from recycled sources. And we won’t stop there. Our brainstorming sessions will never end. We’ll find other ways we can make a difference. We currently partner with several businesses at both the product and corporate level. These partnerships have been formed in support of our sustainability journey. Our commitment to the environment is an ongoing priority for Lands’ End. The small changes we are working to make every day will ultimately have a huge potential impact for us all.

What Is Lands’ End Doing on Campus to Be More Energy-Efficient? 

Lands’ End buildings are using energy-efficient lighting and water-saving fixtures. In fact, all of our faucets are automatic on/off, and all toilets are low flow. The company has had a fairly steady decrease in water usage since 2015. Over 90% of the waste produced in our facilities is recycled, a number Lands’ End is always looking to improve. Every replacement piece of equipment we purchase is energy star rated, which helps us reduce our energy usage. Every step we take is moving us in the right direction.

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