Knock Out Your Entire Christmas Shopping List on Cyber Monday

Knock Out Your Entire Christmas Shopping List on Cyber Monday

Get ahead on your holiday to-do list by knocking out your entire Christmas shopping list on Cyber Monday. What is Cyber Monday, you ask? Cyber Monday is basically the internet’s answer to Black Friday, meaning all your favorite online stores are going to be posting sales for the holiday. This is a great time to cross all those Christmas gifts off your shopping list — all without having to leave home.

Making Your List and Checking it Twice

The best way to get ready to complete your Christmas shopping on Cyber Monday is to plan your shopping list ahead of time. Make it extra easy for yourself and stick to some simple themes. For example, get your parents and grandparents some nice cashmere turtlenecks or cashmere sweaters.

Pick out some soothing candle sets or bath kits for the ladies in your life, and some stylish socks or cozy winter scarves for the gents. Whatever you do decide to gift to others this Christmas, try to make your shopping list as clear and concise as possible to avoid guesswork and endless scrolling.

Minimize The Shopping

Try to get most of your items from a few stores rather than buying a bunch of gifts from many different stores. You will save yourself time and likely some money on shipping costs if you consolidate your list by knowing which stores carry the kinds of gifts you want to send out this year. For example, you could stick to all clothing for presents and you'll probably be able to buy everything from one shop. Make it super easy and get a load of cozy and warm flannel shirts for the whole family.

If you can get personalized sleeping bags for the kids and slippers for Grandma all in the same online shop, that’s also going to make your life easier! By simplifying your shopping list to just a few gift categories, you will save time, money, and effort on Cyber Monday by only needing to visit one or two online stores to complete your Christmas shopping.

Research and Bookmark Webpages

Now that you’ve made your lists and planned your gifts, it’s time to research and bookmark the right online stores. Get your Cyber Monday research done days before so you know exactly where you’re going and what you want to scoop up once the sales hit.

Start by creating a safe login and shopping account so your profile is set up and ready to go on Monday. Often, you can fill and save your shopping basket with all the items you’re excited to buy on Cyber Monday, so that when you log in on Monday all that’s left to do is click “Check Out.”

Check Your Timing

Not all Cyber Monday retailers are made equal. Some online companies will be offering different sales and promotions at different times of the day. Take a quick moment to do some preliminary internet research, which will clue you into any specific promotions or what time you need to be shopping on Monday to get that heavily discounted, gorgeous men's winter parka before it disappears or goes off-sale.

Again, it pays to plan ahead and do your research when preparing to get your Christmas shopping done on Cyber Monday. This way, you can be sure you get the best deals, biggest sales, and greatest gifts all while saving time.

Log In and Purchase

There are some other great Cyber Monday tips to keep in mind when you log in to purchase. If you are not attached to shopping at a particular store or for a particular brand, perhaps make some time on Cyber Monday to compare different prices at different sites — you may end up finding it cheaper somewhere else. But you should also be aware of hidden shipping charges that could creep up on your shopping cart at the last minute. Keep an eye out for one of the many online sites that offer free shipping with a certain amount spent on purchases.

Getting all your Christmas shopping done on Cyber Monday is definitely possible. With a little research, planning, and organizing, every item on your Christmas shopping list could get checked off a month before Christmas itself. Besides saving money, being organized will help you save so much time that you would otherwise spend shopping. Instead, you can spend that valuable time with your family and those you love the most. After all, that’s what makes the holidays so wonderful.

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