How to Style a Knee-Length Dress This Fall

How to Style a Knee-Length Dress This Fall

We all know about the usual fall wardrobe staples. It’s time to break out the cardigans, the leggings, the tunics, and the other cozy companions that make cooler weather a little bit more tolerable. But have you considered adding a knee-length women’s dress to your collection of essentials? If not, you could be missing out on a world of styling possibilities.

While the season does call for decidedly warmer attire, that doesn’t mean you have to cover up from head to toe at the first sign of falling temperatures. A knee-length offers the best of both worlds: the light, breezy comfort of a dress coupled with a bit of extra coverage to ensure that you stay comfortable when winds pick up and the mercury drops. Here are a few styling tips to help you make the most of this versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Throw on a Jacket

Given that the knee-length dress is such a flexible piece that’s great for making a seamless transition from summer to fall, it’s no wonder that it pairs so well with a jacket. The idea behind this concept is to create some balance. Your dress may be inherently more polished given its silhouette and clean lines. A piece like a denim jacket helps break up the tone just a bit and lends your outfit a more approachable vibe.

If it’s especially cool out there, you can also add women’s scarves to your rotation. Tie one on in a material suitable for the conditions outside — something thicker and plusher when it’s cool, or something lighter and airier when you want your scarf to serve more as a fashionable accent than a functional accessory. Step into a pair of ballet flats and you’ll be ready for anything the day brings.

Try Layering the Dress

Drastic conditions call for drastic measures! Whether you’re feeling a little bit experimental or just want to have some fun with your look during fall, there’s no reason not to step outside your comfort zone. This is especially true as you approach the tail end of the season and find yourself reaching more for thick sweaters, wool pants, and heavyweight jackets. All are appropriate, of course, but is it really time to retire that knee-length dress already?

In a word: nope! You can still make it work even when it gets colder outside by layering it over a turtleneck. The key is to select a dress that contrasts a bit with the top. That breaks up the outfit just enough to create some visual intrigue. If your dress is patterned, for example, choose a single color from that palette and select that as your main turtleneck shade. If you’re wearing a simple black dress, try a lighter color underneath. If it’s especially cold, you can even throw a jacket on top. Layers work wonders when you need to stay warm without sacrificing your sense of inherently amazing style.

Keep It Lightly Sporty

You can even dress down that knee-length dress! It’s easy and fun to take such a straightforward piece and give it an unexpected makeover. The key is to make sure that you have all of the right accessories. Those are essential to transforming the style and character of an otherwise relatively polished piece.

For starters, think about what makes something look sporty. It’s usually all in the kicks, so a pair of sneakers is a great starting point. You might have a pair of trusty, chunky “dad” shoes that you swear you’ll wear forever. Those happen to look phenomenal with dresses of all kinds, so it’s a smart choice in this case. Or maybe you’ve got a pair of tried-and-true shoes that you wear all summer long. Those work, too! You can also tie a flannel shirt around your waist, provided that your dress isn’t an empire style. Choose something colorful that contrasts with your dress’s hue to create a little interest.

Wear It With Leggings

Life is a lot easier when you have options. That applies to your wardrobe, too. The T-shirt dress you love to wear when it’s warm outside shouldn’t be relegated to the back of the closet just because it’s suddenly a little bit cooler. The only difference is that you need to be a little bit creative in warming up your look.

The solution is a pair of leggings. They make it possible to wear almost any dress style when fall weather arrives, from shorter lengths to knee lengths. If it’s especially cold, pull on a pair of tall boots that just graze the bottom of your knee for a little added comfort and coziness.

A knee-length dress is easily one of the most practical pieces you’ll ever own. Why quit wearing it just because it’s a little cooler outside? With a few key accessories and clothes, you can make them work for you all season long.


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