Best Kids' Winter Coats for Playing in the Snow

Best Kids' Winter Coats for Playing in the Snow

Get your kids ready for snowy fun with the right winter coats. Kids' winter coats and jackets come in an array of styles, so it’s easy to find the right one for your child. Whether you’re looking for a boys’ coat or a girls’ coat, plenty of durable options are available in sizes to fit every age from toddler to teen.

We’ve put together some information to help you choose the right coat for your child this winter. With the right apparel, a winter filled with outdoor adventures is waiting just outside the front door.

Winter Coats for Girls

Lots of girls’ winter coats are suitable for wearing in the snow. They come in colors and prints from neutral to bright, so your child can find her favorite. One type of coat that works well for chilly temperatures is a down winter parka.

The Expedition down winter parka has a rating of “warmest,” so it’s ideal for snowy conditions. Another feature that makes this type of outerwear good for the snow is its waterproof shell. This parka hits below the hips for ample coverage, and it’s insulated with 600 fill-power down for toasty warmth. A fleece-lined hood keeps your child’s head warm, while the SnowGuard™ wrist cuffs prevent snow from sliding up inside the sleeves.

Another feature you may want in a girls' winter parka—or any other type of kids’ winter coat—is Grow-A-Long™ sleeves. They extend up to 1.5 inches, so when your child starts to grow out of her coat, you don’t immediately have to buy a different size.

A down-insulated ThermoPlume jacket is also a good choice for the snow. When it comes to this jacket style, girls can choose from multiple color options, including classic hues such as black and navy, and bold brights including red, purple, and turquoise.

The temperature rating on this coat is “warmer,” which means it’s perfect for temperatures ranging from +9 to +37 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a quilted, water-resistant shell to keep your child dry, along with a fully insulated and lined body and sleeves for plenty of warmth.

Squall® snow pants can be worn beneath any winter coat for even more protection against the elements. These bibs have long pants for plenty of coverage, and adjustable shoulder straps for a comfortable fit. Zip ankles and elastic snow gaiters let your child fit her pants over her snow boots to keep snow from getting inside. Another feature parents can appreciate is the reinforced knees, which won’t wear down even if kids run, jump, and bend frequently. Kids stay warm and dry in these bibs, whether they’re building a snowman, making a snow angel, or sledding.

Winter Coats for Boys

Many of the girls’ winter coats come in boys’ sizes, too. The Expedition Parka, ThermoPlume jacket, and Squall® boys’ snow pants are a few examples. In addition, you may want to consider a 3-in-1 jacket for your child this winter. These parkas come in regular and husky boys’ sizes, with multiple color options. The waterproof shell can be worn on its own or combined with the insulated inner jacket, which also adds additional water resistance.

Any of these boys’ coats can be layered over a fleece jacket or sweatshirt for extra warmth. There are boys’ hoodies in a variety of styles, including Sherpa-lined styles crafted from brushed fleece for an ultra-soft feel. They come in solid colors and prints, including a fun galaxy print. When it comes to hoodies, boys’ and girls’ sizes are interchangeable. The difference is that the boys’ hoodies have a roomier fit and a slightly more relaxed look.

Winter Boots

Along with a waterproof, insulated winter coat, kids need a good pair of snow boots. When shopping for snow boots, look for many of the same features as you would in a coat, such as insulation and a waterproof exterior. A cushioned footbed keeps kids’ feet comfortable, while a high-tread patterned outsole provides traction. Many of the girls’ and boys’ snow boots come in black and navy to go with any of their winter outfits.

For young kids, you may want a pair of winter boots that they can pull on and off. Some are equipped with Velcro closures, which are easy for kids to use. Older kids can wear snow boots with zippers or buckles.

Winter Accessories

Boys’ and girls’ scarves, gloves, and hats are also standards for the snowy season. These winter essentials come in a variety of styles and colors, making it easy to find something that coordinates with your child’s coat and provides plenty of protection against the cold. A pair of insulated waterproof gloves is a must-have if your child will be playing in the snow.

To recap, kids need an insulated waterproof coat for playing in the snow. Add snow bibs, boots, and accessories, and you’ve got a cold-weather outfit that will keep your child comfortable and warm during all that winter fun.


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