Keep the Kids Toasty this Winter with Must-Have Accessories

Keep the Kids Toasty This Winter with Must-Have Accessories

If you’ve ever gone skiing or done any outdoor winter activity with kids, you know how fast it can go from fun in the snow to a meltdown because it’s too cold. It’s true, snowy skies and frigid temperatures bring popsicle fingers and drippy noses. Say goodbye to Jack Frost this winter with these must-have kids cold-weather accessories.

Outerwear for the Win

Keep the frosty wind at bay with girls’ winter coats and boys’ winter coats. Wool and down layers provide ample warmth without too much bulk, so your kids can still get outside and play in the snow.

Both down and wool outerwear is easy to maintain and requires minimal cleaning, making it an ideal choice for kids’ winter accessories. Since kids grow fast, consider ordering a size up to get the most bang for your buck and keep in mind they will likely be wearing a layer or two underneath for extra insulation. For even more savings, consider buying coats in gender-neutral colors so your kiddos can pass them down, as needed.

Snuggly Gloves and Hats

Keep their hands and heads toasty with kids’ gloves and warm, wooly hats. Most of your body heat escapes through your head, so keeping your kiddo’s head covered with an insulating material, such as wool, works wonders to keep them warm. Freezing cold fingers and toes are also a common occurrence during the snowy months, so gloves or mittens are a must-have for any winter play date. As an added bonus, buy some mitten clips to clip those mittens to your kiddos’ coats. Nothing ruins a cold day like losing a mitten or glove!

Scarves that Last

For frigid, windy days, a kid’s scarf is an essential item to staying warm. Select material that provides warmth but doesn’t itch, such as fleecy materials or chunky cotton knits. Let your little one show off their style with fun colors or cute patterns that stand out on a dreary day.

The great thing about scarves is that it will take several years to outgrow them. Styles and tastes change over the years, but your child can use the same scarf for several seasons. Try to select a scarf that has a timeless feel, so your child can grow up with it, much like a coveted security blanket.

Fleece PJs

Kiddos love fun pajamas, so much so that your child may often ask to wear them in public. Boys’ and girls’ fleece pajamas bring the ultimate warmth. So snuggly under blankets or on their own, your kid will be quite cozy while nestled up in fleece holiday pajamas. Snag a pair in their favorite color or go for a popular plaid to create a festive vibe for the cold season. Make it fun by getting the whole family a pair of matching pajamas. You can even customize the look with monogramming for a more personalized touch.


No PJ set is complete without a set of comfy slippers, and no one likes having freezing tootsies. Your kids are no exception to this. Grab them some comfy slippers. Mocs are cute and comfy for your older kids and cover their whole foot. If mocs aren’t their thing, get them some comfy fleece slippers shaped as their favorite animal. If you have a little toddler whose shoes are always falling off, you can get them a pair of slippers that can be tightened, so they always stay on! No matter what kind of slipper you get for your littles, make sure they are soft, and thick so they keep little feet warm.

If the Boot Fits …

Happy feet mean happy kids! Winter snow boots are an absolute winter essential. Opt to pick up a waterproof pair, so their feet don’t get soaked in the cold snow. Look for a duck boot style that has rubber up to the ankle and offers plenty of insulation. Remember, with the winter you’ll often want to pair the boots with thick, wooly socks, so consider going a half size up to accommodate for “bulkier” feet. Your kid will play for hours outside if their feet stay warm and dry, so purchase a winter boot that suits the climate in which you live.

Warm Flannel

Flannel is all the rage this season thanks to its warm, fuzzy feeling and relaxed, stylish design. Flannel shirts bring extra warmth to a casual style that is too cute not to have. Create a mother-daughter duo look with matching flannel or complementary colors with the same plaid patterns. Keep even cozier with a pair of boys’ or girls’ long underwear and jeans with the coziest winter boots and wooly socks. This creates an ultra-warm outfit that keeps kids outside enjoying the magic of the winter season.

Snowball Fight!

Keep snow forts, snowball fights, and sled days epic with the perfect pair of girls’ or boys’ snow pants. Waterproof, insulated snow pants are easy to slip on over long underwear or kids’ pants so they spend less time inside and more time outdoors.

Kids love the snow, so let their imaginations run wild this year with winter clothing accessories made to keep them warm. Outside playtime is not only good exercise but also brings kids closer to nature. 

The proper kids’ accessories and clothing stop Jack Frost from impairing their fun and provide a warmer, happier, and healthier winter season.


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