Do Kids Need Sunglasses? And Other Summer Questions

Do Kids Need Sunglasses? And Other Summer Questions

With summer on the horizon, things really start to heat up—in more ways than one. Suddenly your trigger finger gets a little itchy as you hover over the purchase button. Your shopping carts are full of swimsuits, sunblock, and kids’ summer gear for your upcoming family trip to the beach. Naturally, you’ve got a lot going on with the promise of sunning, funning, and adventuring. One element everyone in the family shouldn’t go without? A pair of trusty sunglasses to see them through the warmest months of the year.

You might pause at this juncture and wonder whether the kiddos really need to wear shades. Are kids' sunglasses necessary? Come to think of it, what about everything else in your cart? What type of dress is destined to keep you coolest and most comfortable? Is there anything to sun-protective clothing? It can all be a little confusing. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most common summer-style questions out there to keep things simple and straightforward.

Do Kids Need Sunglasses?

While we often look at sunglasses as fashionable accents, they really serve a far more functional purpose. They’re designed to combat the damaging effects of potent ultraviolet rays on your eyes. With repeated exposure, issues like blurriness, sensitivity, and tears can occur. So, while you’re shopping for swimsuits for boys and girls for your getaway, you should definitely snap up a pair or two of sunglasses for them at the same time.

As for what to buy, look for broad-spectrum styles that are designed to block up to 100% of potent UVA and UVB rays. Aim to purchase wraparound styles, as these provide greater facial coverage. Look for materials resistant to scratches and impact—they’re supportive of your kid’s active lifestyle. In the same vein, stick with strong frames that bend but resist breakage. It’s a tall order, but your kids deserve only the best!

What is Sun-Protective Clothing?

You know all about the importance of wearing sunscreen, even when the sun isn’t shining much. It’s an essential part of your year-round routine because it safeguards your skin from UVA and UVB rays that otherwise leave you vulnerable to developing sunburns, fine lines, wrinkles, and skin cancer. You can never skip it—but you can enhance it with sun protective swimwear and clothing.

What’s it all about? Think protection beyond what you could have imagined. Each piece, from one-piece swimsuits and polo shirts to shirt dresses and tunics, is infused with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of at least 50. This means that up to 98% of those otherwise damaging rays are completely blocked. While fabrics alone won’t ward off the sun’s impact on your skin, it adds an additional layer of protection when paired with sunscreen. You’ll feel a sense of confidence knowing you’ve done everything possible to protect yourself and your family from the sun’s wrath.

What Fabrics Are Summer-Friendly?

When it comes to getting dressed for summer weather, it can be tricky to wear anything but a pair of breezy women’s shorts and a loose-fitting T-shirt that helps you stay as cool as humanly possible. While what you wear is important, it all comes down to one crucial factor: fabric choice. You don’t want to wear anything that isn’t breathable, like silk or polyester. Those suffocating materials leave you feeling warm and sticky.

Instead, opt for something forgiving and airy, like cotton. Not only is it completely ubiquitous, but it promotes circulation all day. Air moves through the material easily, so you’ll feel light and cool even on hot days. If you love wearing jeans but aren’t about rocking denim in the middle of summer, lightweight chambray makes a great alternative. It’s as relaxed as cotton, with a breathable quality that promises to keep you comfortable all day. Try fabrics like linen and seersucker, too. They’re great for beach days and boardwalk strolls.

What’s a Great Work-from-Home Outfit?

Work-from-home life is the norm for many people nowadays. You’ve probably amassed quite the collection of yoga pants, light tops, and cozy sweatshirts. No shame: It’s important to be comfortable when you’re working at home. Details like soft fabrics and forgiving fits can make all the difference in your productivity, allowing you to focus on your busy routine. But what types of comfy clothes are more appropriate if you want to look pulled together without actually wearing, say, a pencil skirt and a blouse?

Look for pieces that incorporate slight structure. We’re not talking about crisply tailored blazers and pants since those are more corporate in nature. One of the greatest benefits of working from home is slipping into hyper-comfortable clothes, so make that your priority. Look for tops that aren’t too slouchy or oversized. Try a draped cardigan with a cascading collar over an easy T-shirt to pull your look together. Pull-on a pair of your favorite leggings. They’re not quite pajamas, but they also aren’t dress pants. Plus, you can quickly pop out the door for a refreshing lunchtime walk or an impromptu coffee run in an outfit like this.

Summer calls for making a few key style decisions that focus on your comfort. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or the entire family, make sure you’re prepared for the season with the right materials and accessories.


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