Best Kids’ Shoes for Running Around the Backyard

Best Kids’ Shoes for Running Around the Backyard

Building a practical shoe wardrobe for your kids takes some focus. You know they need to wear comfortable, breathable, and lightweight clothing when they’re playing in the backyard and running around with their siblings and friends. Kids have a tendency to play rough, after all, and in between those little falls and scrapes, you’re sure to notice a few on everything from kids’ T-shirts to jeans.

So it only makes sense to put the same amount of energy into selecting high-quality footwear that keeps them safe and steady on their feet when they’re out there giving it their all. Backyard play can be as tame as playing tag or as intense as racing back and forth across the grass. Whatever amount of energy they need to release, you need to make sure their shoes are up to the challenge. Here are some ideas for creating the perfect outdoor outfits.

High-Quality Sneakers

There’s no question that children require some type of casual footwear option. Something that pairs just as well with a pair of kids’ jeans as it does with a dress is key — versatility means a lot where little ones are concerned, and it’s a lot easier overall if you don’t have to think about juggling different pairs of kids' shoes to pair with every outfit in their closet.

Sneakers are essential for backyard play and beyond. Look for a pair that has a sturdy rubber outsole, which promotes traction and makes it easier for them to run around. That’s important in backyards, where certain areas may be muddy and spongey and others more firm and stable. If your kids are especially young, or if they just don’t enjoy tying laces, you can opt for a style that features Velcro straps instead. Additional features, like cushioned insoles and midfoot support, ensure that your child remains comfortable while playing.

All-Weather Shoes

Not all kids want to wear sneakers, or they may not be in a position to change into them before playtime. Whatever the situation, you can still make sure they’re ready for a slightly more active change of pace. All-weather shoes feature significant details that are focused on comfort, like slip-on configurations and Velcro straps that easily push down to secure the foot and keep it snug. They provide stability and also happen to look great with everything from little girls’ dresses to leggings and tunics.

There are several options available, from classic Mary Jane styles to moccasins. Just be sure that the kids' shoes you select are built with the same elements of durability that you look for in your child’s sneakers. Thick and sturdy outsoles are imperative to their safety. In general, this type of shoe is a better option for a less active play session, or for the child who doesn’t necessarily run vigorously or play too tough.

Sturdy Boots

When it’s time to venture outside during fall and winter, there’s nothing more important than ensuring that kids stay steady on their feet while running on crunchy leaves and even in the snow. Different environmental factors make it even more critical to prioritize their comfort and security in the backyard. Kids’ boots look right at home with everything from standard fall wear, including windbreakers and jeans, to traditional winter gear, like thick coats and snow pants.

Make sure that your kids stay steady on their feet. Look for outsoles featuring thick rubber tread. For colder environments, a pair of boots designed with sufficient insulation and plenty of cushioning will keep them toasty and comfortable when they need it the most. Dual closing mechanisms, like zippers, snap-shut hooks, and buttons all contribute to a better overall fit. Finally, weather-friendly uppers make it easier for kids to play when it’s wet outside.

Important Considerations

Of course, there’s far more than just style to consider when you’re shopping for kids’ active footwear. Just as you do when you’re shopping for kids’ dresses, skirts, and pants, you need to focus on the quality and construction of the shoe. For warm-weather play, kids' shoes that feature mesh uppers promote breathability and increase your little one’s comfort as it heats up. Prioritize the shoe’s fit, too, as even a hint of a loose fit can make it difficult for your child to stay secure. Styles that essentially lock down your child’s foot are ideal, particularly if they’re very active.

Finally, think about how well the shoes pair with your child’s wardrobe. Look for styles that are generally versatile. Neutral colors work well, as they can easily be paired with everything from kids’ school clothes to casual attire around the house. If your child has a taste for bright colors and patterns, though, you might want to add a bolder pair to shake things up. It’s all about having fun — and staying secure.


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