Growing Pains? The Essential Guide to Buying Denim for Your Growing Kids

Growing Pains? The Essential Guide to Buying Denim for Your Growing Kids

Ever feel like you’re constantly shopping for kids' clothes? Take the stress out of shopping for kids who are in a growth spurt. Instead, use a few handy hacks to pick up your kid’s jeans. These tips and tricks are designed to let your dollar go further and have your kids get more wear out of there favorite wardrobe staples.

Grab a Size Up

If your kiddo happens to be growing exponentially, try sizing up. Of course, you don’t want your boy’s jeans to be too baggy and saggy, but sizing up, especially if you’re buying clothes every few months, isn’t a bad idea. Ideally, you’ll want to go only one full size up to avoid overly-big pants. Pair up their jeans with some kids' belts for a complete look. Roll the cuffs up if the pants drag on the ground. Your kid will quickly grow into the new size. 

Opt for Elastic

Younger children often grow quickly, making it nearly impossible for a traditional waistline. Instead, opt to grab kids’ denim with an elastic waist. This will let your child use the jeans longer until they outgrow the legs. Sometimes you can find pants in an extra-long length. Simply tack the jeans to hem them, and let out the hem as they grow. Or you can opt to create a cute look by rolling up the cuffs.

Another option is to pick up a few pairs of girls jeggings. Jeggings bring the best of both leggings and denim. Leggings take longer to grow out of, which will give your kids denim a little extra lifespan. Either way, you’ll get a few extra months out of elastic-waist denim for your kid.

Buy Used

Who says all kids’ clothes need to be new? When it comes to shopping for basics, sometimes used is best. Gently used kids clothing still functions and looks just like new clothing, but costs a fraction of the price. Aside from saving a few hard-earned dollars, you’re also doing the environment a favor by shopping used. Less new clothing means less trash in the waste stream and less energy being used to produce new clothing.

If your kid is rough on clothes or is growing exceptionally fast, then gently used denim is an ideal choice. Basics like denim don’t need to be new. Not to mention, a worn-in denim look is on-trend right now. Your young one will not only look great, but they will be en-vogue as well with lightly used jeans. You can find used denim both online and in thrift stores. There are plenty of online shops that feature gently used kids’ clothing. Clothing from these sites usually goes through a quality check so you know you’re getting a usable product. Not to mention, you’ll save up to 70% off of brand name clothing. 

Shop Sales

Sales are a great way to stock up on everything from kids’ denim to kid’s T-shirts. If you know your child likes a certain cut of jeans, there’s no problem buying a couple of pairs when they are on sale. Don’t only pick up your kid’s current size, but opt to purchase a size or two bigger as well. That way, when your kid outgrows the first pair, you’ll already have a new pair in the right size all picked out. This works great for styles like everyday denim that they’ll wear time and time again. Avoid doing this with novelty clothing items, like dresses, that change style every few seasons. Getting thrifty with your kid’s denim never felt so good.

Let Kids Choose

Lastly, don’t forget to let your kids help choose their clothing. If they are old enough (think old enough to pick what they like), then let them choose their clothing. Giving them the choice stops even the pickiest kids from complaining about what you bought. This means you won’t have kids clothing sitting in a closet, unworn. Instead, your kid will be excited about their fashion choices.

For older kids, use this opportunity to teach your child about the value of money. Give them a budget and have them select their favorite denim based upon the amount of money you choose to give. You’ll teach them a lesson, and they will get the freedom to pick out their wardrobe. It’s a win-win.

Overall, you can quickly make shopping for growing kids a breeze with these handy hacks. Get creative with sizing, buy elastic, and don’t forget to get thrifty with killer sales and used clothing outlets. As a result, you’ll have happy kids with all the clothing they need to explore and play.


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