The Fleece Layering Essentials for Kids

Must-Have Kids’ Layering Pieces Made for Cooler Temps

Fall layers are what the season is all about, making our decision to find the perfect kids’ fleece an easy one.  Despite the struggle of physically wrangling children into said clothing, the final result is one of snuggly warmth, comfort, and style that will make every outdoor adventure big and small a beautiful one.

Luckily, there is a premium selection of warm weather apparel for kids that checks the style box and prioritizes comfort, too. Even the most finicky of dressers will be fast to fall in love with the cozy fun of layering fleece pieces for fall and winter days.

Base Layers

Let’s talk about base layers aka long underwear. Not the most glamorous piece, but it’s very important to stay warm and dry. If you’re a winter sports or outdoor enthusiast, you probably have a few sets of these. Making sure your kiddos have good base layers can mean the difference between warm and comfy or whiny and freezing. The best base layers are wick away (in case of sweat) and can be placed under a fleece or hoodie. The wick away is super important especially if you’re skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, etc. When you’re in the cold, getting wet or sweaty is the enemy to staying warm. In some cases, a plain fleece and a jacket are okay, but in an instance where kiddos might sweat or just need an extra layer, you need long underwear.

Higher Standards

Meet the ultimate selection of fleece made to fit comfortably under all your kiddos’ top layers. That’s because when the temperature drops, perfect fleece layers matter—especially under light coats. Keep them snug as a bug in a rug—even when on the move—with this assortment of fleece pullovers, sweaters, sweatshirts, and more fleece base layers that are never bulky and always warm. These are the pieces that will perfectly complement any cold-weather outfit, proving that warm layers aren’t just about function, but style, too. 

Fleece can also be used in the spring or summer for colder evenings, once the snow has melted. So, they’re a great versatile year-round piece that everyone should have.

Oh-So Plush

From the slopes to the streets, Sherpa-lined pieces offer comfort and double the warmth. Each piece will quickly prove to be the answer to both runs on the bunny slope and drop-offs at school. Fitting snugly under kids' winter coats, fleece will eliminate the worry of what they’ll be wearing on a cold winter’s day. Items with an easy front zip will help your little bundle find it easy to jump in without blinking an eye. Pairing perfectly with jeans or snow pants, you’ll get the crew out of the house in a flash.

The Original

The classic hoodie sweatshirt gets a major edit with the complementary pieces made to style under their bulky layers and over their lightest. No matter what’s on the calendar, whether soccer practice, gym class, or weekend lounging, you’ll be comfortably ready for anything. Here to provide comfort and style to every appointment on your calendar, hoodie pullovers, crew sweatshirts, fleece zip hoodies—and so much more—are the updated style edits that every classic look has been needing, fitting into your life and lifestyle with ease.

Hoodies are amazing too because they come in so many colors, patterns, and styles. So, if your little one is picky about what they wear, you can let them pick their own! Then they’ll want to wear it even more, and it’ll cut down on the number of power struggles when you’re getting ready to go.

Fleece Forever

Sometimes layering up means just adding on, which is the case with warm winter gloves. On days that are cold and dry, this selection of snug, fleece shell gloves keeps tiny hands warm and protected from the elements. Plus, with an assortment of colors, they’ll love to pair these up perfectly with the rest of their cold-weather layers. Essential for battling those unbearably cold days and a complement to weather that’s just a bit nippy, these winter gloves and mittens create a shell of warmth and insulation that can’t be beaten. 

As an added help for littler kids, consider purchasing mitten clips. You can clip one side to their coat and the other to the individual mittens or gloves they are wearing. That way, if the gloves fall off, they will be clipped to their coat. So, you won’t have to stop the day to look for lost mittens.

Finishing Touches

Featuring unique styles—like an array of colors, thoughtfully curated details, and tremendous attention to craftsmanship—make finishing touches for winter the perfect layering staples that every kid’s cold weather closet needs. An assortment of gloves, hats, kids’ scarves, and more will prove the perfect complement to jackets, coats, and vests, keeping their hands, ears, and heads warm, toasty, and ready for any and every adventure that their heart desires.

All Tied Up

Post-shower or pre-bath, fleece robes make weekend lounging or bathing a cinch. With the oh-so-cozy feel and availability in an array of coordinating colors, robes will up the ante on their bath time and bedtime routines.

The Perfect Pop

Plush as her favorite teddy bear—but lighter than ever—ultra-fuzzy girls’ sweatshirts are the definition of casual-cool. Unique and stylish cowl necks will keep her warm without the constricting feel of a turtleneck. Style each with everything from kids' leggings to jeans. She can even wear it out in the snow—there’s nothing these tops can’t do.


Softer than soft, easygoing fleece vests will fit perfectly under your favorite winter jacket and equally well over your favorite long-sleeved tee or sweater. Labeled “the softest” for a reason, they're as cozy as your child's favorite comfort blanket.

A fleece layer makes every cold day a little warmer and cozier, which is why we’re big on creating oh-so-comfy items that kids—and their parents—love. With the right clothes, getting dressed is always a little easier—which is just the way we like it.


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