Tips for Keeping Your Kids' Rooms Organized and Tidy

Tips for Keeping Your Kids’ Rooms Organized and Tidy

Take the stress out of keeping your kiddos’ rooms looking nice and clean. The key to a clean room starts with an excellent storage system. Use these handy organizational tips so your kids have clean and tidy rooms.

Do a Purge

Before you begin your organizational project, it’s time to do a good old-fashioned purging of items. Sit down with your kids and go through old toys, clothing, and other items. The object is to get rid of the clutter. Some kids will find this easy and for others, it’ll feel like pulling teeth.

Use incentives to encourage kids to get rid of unwanted toys and clothing. For example, if you have an excess of kids' T-shirts tell your son that for every T-shirt he gives away, he’ll get a small reward. Think more TV time, an allowance bonus, a favorite treat, or any other motivator. Alternatively, you can give your daughter a few key organizational tubs and tell her all her toys have to fit in the tub. Those that don’t are going to children in need.

Get Organized

Make sure you pick up a few organizational staples so your kids can take control of cleaning their rooms. Start with simple things like a laundry hamper, storage for kids’ toys, and more. These items keep unwanted clutter off the floors, walls, dressers, and wherever else your kids love to leave things. Assess how much stuff needs to be put away and be sure to give them the right amount of storage bins. If there are too many things, then another comb through of their things may be necessary. We don’t need a lot of stuff, so keep a critical eye as you go through toys and clothing.


The key to successfully organizing your kids’ rooms is to get them involved in the process. Let them express their likes and dislikes with the room design. Allowing them to choose certain elements not only teaches them valuable lessons but it also makes them more invested in the project. The more investment they have, the better chances their room will stay tidy and organized. If your kids are old enough, have a conversation about how they envision their room. Come to a compromise. Perhaps they get a new paint job if they are willing to clean up their dirty laundry. If you’re crafty, teach them to make their own storage solutions or even give their room a little makeover with some DIY painting. Either way, getting your kids involved in their own space helps to ensure your organizational project is a success.

Utilize Extra Space

Get creative with the extra space in your son’s or daughter’s room. Perhaps there’s a high shelf in the closet where you can store their photos and baby stuff. Or maybe you can use space under the bed to keep clothing that’s not in season and those warm flannel sheets meant for winter. Use wall shelving for storing extra items in decorated storage bins. When it comes to storage, especially in small spaces, you have to get creative. Tools like Google and Pinterest easily help you find innovative storage ideas for small spaces. Even tiny closets hold lots of potential for kids’ storage. You may have to pare down belongings or come up with a creative way to keep out-of-season items in another space, but you’ll certainly find that more floor space equals easier cleaning.

Chore List

After spending time organizing your kids’ rooms, create a maintenance plan. Integrate new cleaning policies into your kids’ chore lists. Make playtime cleanup time fun by creating a game for younger kids. Let your kids take ownership of their space through responsibility. Putting cleanup on the chore list gives your kids responsibility and takes pesky cleanup off your to-do list. Sure, you can still come through and vacuum, but maybe they start doing their laundry and putting their clothes away. Give rewards and consequences for completing (or not completing) their chores.

Overall, keeping kids’ rooms organized and tidy is a joint effort. Instilling good cleaning habits early on means your kids learn valuable lessons in responsibility. Not to mention, you can take some of the burdens of cleaning off your list. However, don’t forget to keep the process fun by letting your children choose how they want to organize. Give them some opportunity to express themselves by choosing colors, styles, and more for their organization scheme. The end result is a kid’s room that looks cute and clean.

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