Kid-Friendly DIY Activities for a Spring Birthday Party

Kid-Friendly DIY Activities for a Spring Birthday Party

Spring babies are lucky—they get to celebrate their special day amidst the changing of the seasons, as winter softens into warmer temperatures, flowers begin to bloom, and we finally get to put our outdoor furniture and barbeque grills to use. It’s the perfect time for a birthday party, too, as the spring weather often allows for outdoor playtime for the first time in months, and kids are ready to let off a little steam. Planning kids’ birthday parties year after year can be a challenge, though, and the struggle to keep kids entertained safely without resorting to screens seems to get harder and harder over time. There are so many ways to have fun using just your creativity and a few handy supplies—here are our picks for the best kid-friendly DIY activities for a spring birthday party.

Get Crafty

For those who find themselves missing the days of elementary school art class, it’s easy to get crafty with the help of some household supplies and inexpensive craft store amenities. Kids will be amazed at what you can do with a paper egg carton: use it to make egg carton flowers or baby chicks by cutting each individual egg holder and gluing on odds and ends, from googly eyes to paper stems and petals. We love the springiness of this craft, and your kids and party guests will do.

Another fun craft idea is to make origami flowers or cranes (or anything else you desire). While origami paper is nice to use, you can make your own by simply cutting a piece of printer paper into a square. Kids will love hanging up their creations together at the gathering, or taking them home in their backpacks to enjoy. Of course, we also love an art project using pipe cleaners! The fun craft material can be used for just about anything, but to make things extra springy, we like making pipe cleaner flowers, bugs, and plants. Your guests will be amazed by what they can create!

Time for Tie-Dye

The perfect backyard activity, tie-dye is an easy way to let kids wear their creativity on their sleeve, or their entire shirt! All you need is a white short sleeve women's shirt, some rubber bands, dye, and a big container. Have kids tie the bands around their shirts however they like, dip them in, and voila. Kids will have a whole lot of fun, and a super special party favor to take home as well.

Host a Scavenger Hunt

A great activity for indoor or outdoor spring parties, the scavenger hunt is a classic activity that can occupy kids for a long time. Hide household items, or small toys from the dollar store, around the house or yard, indicating to guests what they need to find. Perhaps you can organize a themed-scavenger hunt, to make it even more fun. A spring backyard scavenger hunt is perfect for this time of year. Give guests a list of things they can find in your yard. Perhaps it's nature-themed, having them look for the tallest piece of grass, the most colorful flower, or the most leaves. Another fun idea is to host a "favorite things" scavenger hunt, having the birthday boy or girl hide their favorite books, toys and other belongings (including clothes) around the house for guests to find. Use a list, or let guests try to find them on their own! The first person to find them all wins a prize! Have kids put all the items back in storage for kids' toys afterward.

Cupcake Decoration

This activity takes the cake. Cupcake decoration is a great way to take advantage of all the things you already have for a birthday party—cake and icing. Let each guest pick out a cupcake and icing colors of their choosing. Then let them have at it! Maybe they want to write their name, or perhaps a picture of their favorite animal. You could even have them do portraits of each other! At the end comes the best part—eating the cupcakes. Either let children eat their own, or place them back on the table and get people to pick their favorites to eat.

Make Them Into Mini-Picassos

Whip out the washable paint and a plastic plate—you’re going to turn your guests into mini-Picassos! All you need for this activity is to line your outdoor or indoor table with a paper table cloth. Then let the kids paint to their hearts’ desire! You can have them paint individually, or all contribute to a large mural with a spring theme!

A spring birthday party has endless possibilities for fun, easy, and inexpensive DIY activities that are sure to be fun for your birthday boy or girl, and their guests as well. So embrace all spring has to offer and give the best birthday party ever! Check out more fun activity ideas below!


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