Ways to Keep Your Teens Busy for Summer 2023

Ways to Keep Your Teens Busy for Summer 2023

Make summer 2023 one to remember for your teens by planning some fun activities. We’ve put together a list of some things you and your older kids can enjoy this summer, along with fashion tips to keep them comfortable and stylish all season.

Hit the Beach

If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, take advantage of it as often as possible this summer. Grab your beach towels and visit the shore with your teen for family bonding that’s also super-relaxing. Make the most of your day at the beach by suiting up in chlorine-resistant swimwear. Look for one-piece and tankini bathing suits for women and girls that contain Lycra® XtraLife™ spandex for the longest wear. For guys, there are men's swim trunks made from soft, fast-drying polyester and nylon.

For active teens who love water sports, look for modest junior swimsuits with plenty of support and coverage. A tugless tank one-piece is an option to consider for girls, while boys can tackle the surf in a pair of men's board shorts and a swim shirt.

Visit a Resort

A resort stay allows your family to enjoy a vacation atmosphere for longer than a single day at the beach. Teens and adults can pack the same essentials for a week at a beach resort—think family swimwear, water shoes, and sunscreen. Beach cover-ups are also a must to protect covered areas against UV rays, and they come in sizes and styles for every member of the family.

You’ll also want to pack apparel for shopping, sightseeing, and visiting restaurants. Women and teen girls can wear any of their favorite summer dresses, whether they prefer a flouncy fit-and-flare dress or a boho-inspired maxi. Any sandal complements a summer dress, although if you’re looking to stay on-trend, you can’t go wrong with a wedge sandal in a neutral hue.

Go to a Museum

Treat your teens to some culture this summer by visiting one or more museums. For a day spent walking through exhibits, you’ll want to wear clothing that’s cool and comfortable. Think elastic-waist capri pants for women and girls. Guys can wear men’s cargo pants or shorts. A breathable cotton tee works for men and women, and it's easy to top off with a light sweater if you’re visiting an air-conditioned environment.

Plant a Garden

Connect with the Earth by planting a garden with your teen. A gardening project can keep kids busy all summer, and it’s rewarding for parents, too. Whether you’re planting culinary herbs or decorative roses, stay comfortable while you work the soil in a stain-resistant polo shirt and jeans or your favorite lounge pants. If it’s really hot, you and your teen can wear women's cotton tank tops. If you opt for sun-protective clothing, be advised that it only provides UPF 50 for covered areas, so you’ll still need the sunscreen.

You may want some accessories when planting and working a garden, such as protective gardening gloves and an oversized sun hat. You may also want to get a journal for your teen to track the care and growth of their plants.

Have a Barbecue

Invite friends and family to the backyard for an old-fashioned barbecue. Your teen can help you set up the shindig by making the invitations, decorating the yard, or planning the menu. Consider lawn games like beanbag toss or badminton. You might also want to set up sprinklers so kids can run through the water to cool off. Sundresses are always in fashion for casual get-togethers, or you can go more casual with a pair of women's Bermuda shorts and a polo.

See a Movie

When you want to get out of the heat, head to the movie theater for a family film. Casual wear is fine for a day at the cinema, whether that means jeans and a tee or your favorite loungewear set. Most movie theaters are climate-controlled and tend to be chilly, so bring a hoodie or light sweater for an extra layer of warmth. If your family can’t agree on which film to see, take a vote or catch a double feature.

Work or Volunteer

Another way to keep teens busy this summer is to encourage them to work part-time or participate in a volunteer activity. There’s plenty they can do, from caring for animals to mentoring a younger child. Business-casual summer apparel, such as a pair of khaki shorts or chino slacks with a collared shirt or another type of blouse, is appropriate for most any work or volunteer opportunity.

These are just a few ideas for keeping your teen busy this summer. Talk to your kids to find out what they’d most like to do, then plan your own summer fun.


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