Jason Momoa's Big & Tall Fashion Sense

Jason Momoa's Big & Tall Fashion Sense

Jason Momoa is a big man who has gotten big in the movie business. Rocking the DCU as the superhero Aquaman as well as playing the memorable Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones and military specialist Ronan Dex in Stargate Atlantis, Momoa has certainly made an impression. How does a guy like Jason Momoa dress when he's a superhero size? Here are some core elements of Momoa's big and tall fashion that you can use as a big and tall man.

He Likes "V" Necklines

Momoa likes to emphasize the "tall" part of "big and tall." He looks for length in his outfit choices, and one of the main ways he gets it is by using v-neck tops. Oftentimes, he wears big and tall dress shirts that are unbuttoned at the neck. Sometimes black, sometimes blue, sometimes white, when they are unbuttoned, these collared shirts create a "v" shape that visually lengthens Momoa's body. In other pictures, Momoa has buttoned long-sleeved T-shirts with the buttons undone, giving the same visual effect. The reason the "v" shape is important is that the "v" is a vertical shape—it draws the eye up and down in a vertical line. When the eye moves vertically, it emphasizes Momoa's vertical height, creating the overwhelming impression he is famous for.

He Uses His Necklaces

The man can't always wear collared shirts. One of Momoa's staple tops is big and tall pants with a big and tall T-shirt. With both long sleeves and short sleeves, these T-shirts can sometimes be v-neck, but he will frequently opt for crew necks. Because crew necks come up so high, they usually draw attention to width. While this is a great look for Momoa since his broad shoulders are the widest part of him and not a bad thing to focus on, he doesn't usually leave the "v" idea behind. Since his shirt is a crew neck, he creates the "v" shape with his necklaces. Momoa likes big necklaces. Sometimes his necklace consists of a string with a large pendant, other times, he chooses a chunky, beaded statement necklace, and occasionally he finds a middle ground with a colorful rope-style necklace. Whatever design he chooses, the length tends to reach the middle of his chest. This length creates either a long "v" or a long "u" shape that again focuses the eye on his height.

He Rocks Blazers

When Momoa needs to get a little fancier, perhaps for a gala or a movie screening, he needs something a bit dressier. For Momoa, this usually means he combines his preferred casual style with a classier piece. A great Momoa outfit is a crew neck T-shirt or tank top matched with a unique blazer. Sometimes this blazer is satin, sometimes it is velvet, and sometimes it is a more typical navy serge material. Whichever fabric catches Momoa's eye, the blazer is a beautiful piece for Momoa's goal of lengthening his body. When the blazer is undone, the way it hangs leaves a vertical strip of his shirt visible, which draws the eye up and down. When the blazer is buttoned, it creates a deep "v" shape which Momoa loves. Put with a tie, the vertical line becomes even more obvious. Momoa's blazers also usually sport bigger lapels which big and tall men frequently use to visually disguise their width while visually prioritizing their height.

He Chooses to Cover His Shoulders

When you have a lot of width in your body, one thing you can do to break the width up is to cover your shoulders as Momoa does. One way he does this is by opting for thicker strapped tank tops. The thicker straps cover the tops of his shoulders and visually divide him, creating the visual impression of less width. Another way he accomplishes this is by wearing vests. Vests work in a similar way to thick-strapped tank tops. Vests are like sleeveless shirts, so they cover even more of Momoa's shoulders than tank tops do. A great picture of Momoa shows him in a dark gray vest with a long-sleeved collared shirt in a lighter gray. This color combination is excellent because darker colors conceal, and lighter colors draw attention. In the picture, the dark gray vest visually breaks up Momoa's shoulders while the lighter gray shirt is unbuttoned at the neck and peeks between the lapels of the undone vest, drawing the eye in that vertical line and simultaneously emphasizing his height.

He Goes Shirtless

If you can't quite figure out how Momoa does what he does and looks like he looks, skip the fashion and go shirtless! This is another favorite "style" of Momoa's, and it definitely looks great on him. It might be worth a try, but remember, there is a time and place for this type of confident fashion moment. This look is paired best with colorful big and tall swim trunks at the beach or by a pool.

Now that you know how and why Jason Momoa dresses as he does take a few notes to inform your own big and tall closet. It's all about understanding your body type and dressing for it!


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