Kids' Winter Jackets That Become Favorites Instantly

Kids' Winter Jackets That Become Favorites Instantly

What if we told you that you didn't need to force your kid to bundle up before heading outdoors this winter? Your kid will be rocking these jackets inside and outside the house because, to be frank, they are just that cool (or warm). No matter where you live or the weather this winter season, these kids' jackets are sure to keep your youngest family members looking stylish and feeling untouchable in all sorts of temperatures. Whether you're lucky enough to call it quits with a body-warming vest or if you need something more heavy duty like an insulated kids' winter coat, this list of winter jackets for kids will have your kid begging to layer up… even when they're inside.

Stylish Kids' Vests for Moderate Temperatures

Kids will love the extra fashion statement of a puffer vest or fleece vest over a flannel or long-sleeve shirt, and you'll love the peace of mind of knowing your kid is warm enough during playtime. Vests are the perfect option for kids looking for mild protection from cold temperatures. Their slimline and body-hugging design paired with varieties like down-filled insulation or lightweight fleece makes them an easy alternative to bigger, bulkier outerwear during active adventures. Because vests don't have sleeves, they lock warmth into the body region, keeping your core warm and comfortable but allowing flexibility. When paired with long-sleeve shirts, they are the perfect solution for indoor/outdoor activities. Looking for an extra wintertime accessory to dial up the heat? Add a stylish kids' scarf or gloves, and pair with some kids' winter boots for a colorful, layered look.

Jumping Puddles in Rain Jackets

Cue the rain showers this winter; we've got rain jackets galore for playdates, rain or shine. We have lightweight waterproof options that can be stored in a tiny pocket for unexpected rainstorms or thick, insulated waterproof and windproof parkas for protection against all the elements. Rain jackets come in all lengths, thicknesses, and colors, and they allow for worry-free shelter from wet surroundings. A basic, lightweight kids' rain jacket is water and windproof and has a mesh lining that is both breathable and easy to slip over clothes when you're in a hurry. Kids will love this jacket because it can be packed into a back pocket for easy storage, making it an all-around easy solution for rainy days. Add some rain boots to your look, and your kid is fully prepared for a day of jumping puddles!

Fleece Jackets for Layering

Fleece jackets for kids are fuzzy, warm, and bright, so what's not to love? For transitional layers, under a thick winter coat, or even over a T-shirt on a chilly morning, lightweight fleece jackets are the most versatile option for warming up in a hurry. Whether you're rocking a fleece jacket over a school uniform or looking for a hooded jacket to keep warm in moderate temperatures, these jackets are lighter than most sweaters and come in an array of colors and patterns, making it easy to add a fashion statement to any outfit. Polka dots, Sherpa or neon! There are so many options for design and style when it comes to choosing a fleece jacket. Pair with a fleece hat and fleece mittens to keep your kid extra warm (and stylish) this winter season.

Winter Jackets and Coats for Extreme Cold

When that brutal cold sets in, it's hard to force yourself out of the house, let alone find the energy to bundle up under layer after layer. Your kid will be lining up at the door, begging you to wear their new winter jacket and coat this season with iconic winter coats including girl's winter parkas and puffers. Coats like the Kids Expedition Down Winter Parka, a down-insulated winter coat with a fun fur-trimmed hood and patch on the arm, is the perfect mix of winter durability and style in one slim-line coat. Another outerwear must-have is a lightweight, insulated down-alternative jacket. These winter jackets are packed with down-alternative insulation inside a water-resistant, quilted shell, meaning they lock the warmth in while protecting your kid from rain and snow. Kids love that these light (but ever-so-warm) jackets can be easily stored in a pocket and go anywhere, unlike their bulkier alternatives. You'll love the unique PrimaLoft® Insulation ThermoPlume® , which makes washing these durable coats easy. Thanks to the latest technology, you can wash these puffy jackets time and time again, and they never lose their fullness or get lumps. Wintertime problems, solved!


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