Jackets for the Active Woman

Jackets for the Active Woman

If you're looking for the perfect piece of women's outerwear for your active lifestyle, consider some of these questions: Does it actually accommodate your needs? Is it the most comfortable option on the rack? Does it flatter your figure? A great fit is key to feeling fabulous in your jacket, of course, but your topper of choice should also meet your personal demands and add something of value to your rigorous schedule. The right style will help you perform, look and feel your best. Whether your itinerary includes a morning jog before dropping off the kids or walking home from yoga in the afternoon – or both! – these choices will get you through those busy days in style.

The Key Factor

Start at the top by focusing on the most important factor. The right jacket is the one that makes you feel amazing from the moment you slip it on. There are lots of options: from petite jackets to women's tall jackets to plus size coats, there are flattering styles to suit all body types. Variety is essential, and that's never been truer in the activewear world. Your goal is to select something that flatters your figure and makes you feel good – comfortable in your own skin, unlimited in your movement and excited for the day ahead.

Those Devilish Details

As with any workhorse garment, the devil is truly in the details when it comes to outerwear for women. You need something that fits like your favorite pair of sneakers and your fabulous LBD but also works just as hard as you do, both at the gym and outside. Features like moisture-wicking fabric, ribbed cuffs, stretchy sleeves, adjustable hoods, zippered pockets, and stand-straight collars set active jackets apart from the rest. They contribute to a more comfortable experience when you're exercising and need to stay warm and dry while the wind whips at your face and tickles your skin. A great fit also ensures that you won't need to fuss with your jacket while you work out. No more tugging at the sleeves, adjusting the hem, fixing the collar or fiddling with your hood when raindrops start to fall. The perfect active jacket is a companion for your everyday pursuits, whether that involves tackling nonstop errands or training for your next marathon.

Remember the Weather

You don't let something like a rainy forecast slow you down. Women's outerwear jackets are designed specifically to stand up to the challenge without sacrificing your comfort. Many styles repel moisture while protecting your skin from downpours and heavy winds. In other words, you won't have to worry about dealing with a soaked jacket when you get home. Some pieces of outerwear for women also feature temperature ratings, which are real-world indications of how you can expect the jacket to feel, whether you're power-walking through the neighborhood or scaling a mountain. Bear in mind that there's a coat for every activity during every season. You may need something lighter for your springtime bike rides, but you'll require a more substantial piece for your autumn hikes and your winter ski trips. Factors like insulation and fabric play key roles in helping you make the right choice based on the season.

Why Insulation Matters

Insulation is your BFF in the world of outerwear for women. Built into the bodies of coats and jackets, its mission is to hold air inside the compact internal spaces of the garment. You can count on it to buff up the jacket's warming factor instantly! The advantage of jacket insulation is that it's tightly compressed to provide substantial comfort without adding bulk to your frame. This can make even a lightweight down jacket seem as sleek as a cardigan! Pay attention to the contents: insulation thickness is measured in grams per square meter, so you can trust that stylish 100-gram jacket to keep you comfortable during outdoor yoga in the park or after your sweat session at dance class. The higher the count, the better your jacket will fare against the cold.

Serious Sweat Sessions

Outerwear jackets see you through so much during your workouts and everyday routines. Your body generates a lot of heat during kickboxing, for example, but you may still want to wear your outerwear while you warm up. Then, when your temperature rises and you inevitably begin to sweat, you slip the jacket off. Once that killer workout comes to an end and you feel the rush of adrenaline coursing through your veins, you may also experience that all-too-familiar sensation of cool air as your body heat returns to normal. For many people, that means a sudden desire for a hot cup of coffee and a blanket. But a functional piece of women's outerwear works beautifully when you're nowhere near home and need to warm up fast. To accommodate those varying shifts in body temperature and to ensure that all bodies are comfortable, outerwear jackets run the gamut from aerobics-friendly to everyday appropriate. They aren't just comfortable – they're also practical! A packable down jacket, for example, is a dream when you head to the gym during winter. You can stash it easily inside your bag, then quickly pull it on before you head out the door.

What to Choose

Of all the possibilities out there, it's about finding the perfect fit for your personal routine and the climate. On a breezy day, try a hybrid jacket that marries the warmth of fleece with the comfort of insulation. When temperatures drop but your motivation to work out is as strong as ever, slip into a Squall® 3-in-1 made with waterproof and wind-resistant nylon, a detachable fleece lining, and a reflective trim to help you stand out during your evening run. Feeling the love for women's fleece jackets but worried about the possibility of your hair going wild on contact? Try an antistatic construction that will keep you cozy on your after-dinner walk instead of giving your mane an unwanted makeover. A women's outdoor vest is also a great option when you want to add an extra layer for comfort without weighing yourself down.


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