Jackets for Every Occasion

Jackets for Every Occasion

So much can be said about the humble jacket. This key piece of women’s outerwear is a wardrobe mainstay, a simple classic, and a basic necessity. It’s as functional as it is fashionable, and it serves different needs depending on the occasion and the environment. In simplest terms, there’s a jacket for everything on your agenda, whether you’re headed to a football game on a brisk Sunday afternoon or catching up with friends for coffee after dropping the kids off at school. How to find the right choice? It’s all a matter of understanding what each garment offers you.


When you’re enjoying a little time away from the busyness of life – the errands, the drop-offs, the endless stream of to-dos – you need a jacket that sees you through every moment in complete comfort. Think of those things you’re doing on your _own _time: Window shopping at the local outdoor mall, grabbing a cup of coffee and a croissant just because, or enjoying a brisk walk in the park with a good friend. For these pursuits, a minimal yet chic women's fleece jacket does the job beautifully.

Shop for a versatile piece that works well with everything in your wardrobe – especially the garments that you tend to wear when you’re taking it easy. Think of what you require most of a jacket. If you hate the feel of carrying around a bulky purse, a more utilitarian fleece with multiple pockets to hold your essentials may be just the thing. Are you primarily a jeans and T-shirt type? Then an easy pullover fleece is a great choice that wears well year-round. Always feel a little bit chilly, even when winter hasn’t quite knocked on the door? Try a lightweight fleece jacket for primo comfort all day long. Love the look of something cute and sporty? You could easily make a statement in any zip up.

Dressing Up

A "dressy" piece of outerwear, like a women's sweater, is really more of a garment that you wear with the rest of your outfit – not necessarily something that you peel off as soon as you step through the door. A tailored blazer, for example, is essential when you’re headed to an important meeting or going on a job interview. It might even be a contender for that after-hours date that you planned with your new coworker – there’s nothing better than a piece that pulls double duty.

Look for structure in your dressy sweater of choice. It shouldn’t be too loose – a voluminous cut takes away from its poise – nor should it be uncomfortably snug. Seek out pieces that flatter your figure in just the right way. Elements like self-tie belts, buttons, and lapels contribute to a more refined look.

To Work

As you head to the office on those crazy mornings, do you ever find yourself wishing that you had something a little bit more tailored to make you feel more pulled together — even if the reality is pretty much the opposite? It’s amazing what a little fashion can do to make you feel great in the midst of chaos. The key? Try a stylish topper that complements your wardrobe and elevates your look all at once.

For workwear jackets, one with some additional length is especially appropriate because it contributes to a seamless, more polished look from top to bottom. That’s important whether you’re wearing a pantsuit or a sheath dress. Unless it’s the middle of winter, in which case you might prefer to wear a fitted car coat or a classic wool coat, you can take a lighter approach when the weather only calls for a jacket. Sweater jackets are warm and comfortable, and make an easy transition when you’re going off-duty and heading out in a pair of jeans and long-sleeve top.

Think about the quality of your commute, too. If you take the train and have to walk a couple of blocks, or if you happen to walk the entire route to work, then you need a jacket that won’t let you down in the event of a sudden downpour or heavy gusts of wind. Details like funnel necks and hoods may not seem glamorous, but you’ll look 100 percent perfect – and not like you just walked through a wind tunnel – if you invest in a functional topper that keeps your look in check during your trek.

Outdoor Life

Whether you’re an athlete at heart or spend most of your time outside watching your kids score winning goals on the weekends, you need a suitable jacket that’s built to handle everything from rain to fluctuating temperatures. Denim jackets are always reliable, especially spring and early fall when you don’t need to add too much bulk quite yet. It’s also an easy piece to warm up with the addition of a chunky women’s scarf if needed.

Never underestimate the reliability of a fleece jacket when you’re on the sidelines and want to make sure that you stay cozy throughout the event. You could even substitute your usual jacket for a lean vest over a long-sleeved shirt for a little layering power. If you’re the one pounding the pavement, however, then you have to make sure that your jacket is equipped for the challenge. That means seeking out utilitarian details that set it apart from other pieces – think moisture-wicking fabrics that keep you dry and comfortable when your body starts to heat up, along with adjustable hoodies to keep your head from getting soaked, fitted sleeves to ensure a great fit, and reflective accents if you plan to exercise at night. No matter what your outdoor activity, there’s a jacket to meet your specific needs.


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