Going to a Pride Parade? Bring These Items Along!

Going to a Pride Parade? Bring These Items Along!

June is Pride Month, which means there is likely a Pride Parade taking place in your area soon. If you’ve never been to a Pride Parade and are planning on checking out your first this year, then you are in for a treat. And if you’ve been going to them for years, you know that it means a day full of sunshine (as long as the weather holds up!), lots of walking, photo ops, and incredible outfits. Whether this is your first Pride Parade or you’ve lost track of how many you’ve been to, it’s important to prepare in advance to enjoy the experience fully.

Bring Your Best Self

First and foremost, you’ll want to put your look together. There are three primary considerations when choosing your outfit for Pride: colors, comfort, and confidence. While you’ll want your look to be as vibrant as possible, you’ll also want to ensure you’ll be able to walk around all day in the heat. And perhaps most importantly, you’ll want to rock your look with confidence. Trust us, we already know you’re going to look amazing in whatever you have on.

You can find the perfect outfit from the Pride Collection, like a vibrant, breezy top paired with colorful tie-dye shorts and rainbow socks. No matter what look you put together, pair it with your comfiest sneakers to ensure you can enjoy the day in comfort. Don’t forget to complete your look with a hat and sunglasses for both sun protection and style points.

Once you have your Pride clothing picked out, you’ll want to pack a bag with the essentials you’ll need on hand throughout the day. Read on for the items you’ll definitely want to have with you for the event.

Bring a Reusable Water Bottle

This might just be the most important thing on the list, as staying hydrated throughout the day is key to having a safe experience at Pride. Fill up a reusable water bottle the night before and keep it chilled in your fridge. Make sure it doesn’t leak before you stick it in your backpack, and just to be safe, keep it in a separate pocket from your cell phone to avoid any possible water damage. (Pro tip: make sure your cell phone is fully charged before you head out, and if you can, bring a travel charger along.)

Having enough water on hand can really make or break your experience at the parade, so you might want to consider bringing an extra bottle if it’s going to be a particularly hot day in your area.

Bring Extra Sunscreen

Even if you apply sunscreen before you head to Pride, you should bring some along in your backpack or canvas tote bag. Going to a Pride Parade means you’ll be spending most of the day in the sun, so it’s important to reapply throughout the day.

Opt for a travel-sized sunscreen stick or a full-sized bottle so you can share with anyone in your group who forgot theirs (trust us, this will make you the hero of the day!). If you bring it in a bottle, make sure you pack it in a reusable baggie to avoid any spills.

Bring an Additional Layer

While Pride Parade is definitely a summery event, depending on where you live, June could mean some unexpected rain or drops in temperature as the day winds down. Consider bringing along a waterproof packable jacket if there are any clouds in the sky or a light cotton cardigan layer, as these won’t take up a ton of room in your bag.

When thinking about a layer you might add keep your outfit in mind. As we said above, Pride is all about keeping it colorful. Opt for either a bright solid color to complete the rainbow-inspired look you already have on or a fun pattern that adds a pop of vibrancy.

Bring the Pride

After all, this is a parade, so make sure to bring something to show off your pride. While you’ll already have your rainbow socks and your vibrant outfit, this is just the start. Bring a handmade sign, a mini (or giant if you’re up for it!) rainbow flag, or stick a Pride-inspired enamel pin on your bag.

You can also bring along fun extras, like a bubble wand or some Pride stickers to share with your group. If you know you want to bring a lot of fun extras along with your safety essentials, try packing your bag the day before so you can be sure everything has its place.

There are Pride events in June worldwide, all of which celebrate love and inclusion. We hope reading through these essentials have you feeling excited about taking part in this joyous event!


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