Items To Borrow From His/Her Wardrobe

Items To Borrow From His/Her Wardrobe

When you’re in love, you like to share things. You share a home, a family, and a laundry basket, so naturally, you end up sharing clothes. Your partner has style—it’s part of what attracted them to you in the first place, so the desire to raid their closet is natural. Maybe it’s that big, cozy sweater they never wear or the old band t-shirt from their younger days that is just the right texture of soft and worn. If you don’t have a go-to piece of their wardrobe you love, go for one of these options listed below. Whatever you steal from your partner’s closet, you can make it fun, fashionable, and all your own.

A Big, Comfy T-Shirt

There are few things better to sleep in than big, comfy, cotton men’s t-shirts. If it has just the right softness and wearability, it can be the perfect pajamas night after night. When you picture your partner’s clothes, is there a specific shirt you always admire? A college tee that’s worn-in perfectly, a workout shirt that’s super comfortable, even a plain cotton t-shirt that they don’t get a lot of wear out of. Whatever their collection of tees has to offer, choose the one that’s right for you! Match your personality, color palette, or style and grab one of their t-shirts. They’re not just for wear around the house, either: you can take the tees out on the town with cute, quick styling. Get soft and stylish in their big tees this season.

A Collared Dress Shirt

A dress shirt looks good on everybody. It’s a classic—a white or striped men’s button-down shirt with a collar tucked in or worn out or open. This shirt has been a style staple since the 19th century because it’s a great look. Steal your partner’s work shirts they don’t wear much or a dress shirt from an old suit. Men and women alike love this refined style, and it’s easy to pair with whatever else you have in your wardrobe. Button-downs and oxfords look great with skirts, jeans, and dress pants, and on top of tanks or open over an outfit! To go classic, get a white button-down for the preppy-inspired look. The styling options are limitless. From dressing up to just adding a fun twist to everyday outfits, this shirt is great for everything! You’ll look and feel great, and your partner will love seeing you rock their boring workwear.

Cozy Cardigan

Another excellent option for colder nights and cozying up is a cardigan. The bigger, the better when it comes to comfortable chilling on the couch or hanging around with family. It’s the perfect outfit choice when you want the extra boost of warmth from another layer while still optimizing comfort and wearability. What’s better than a super soft, warm, and cozy men’s cardigan sweater. Your partner will love to see you in their clothes, and their cardigan is sure to be extra comfy. Wear it on top of dresses, jeans, tops, and pajamas even; the options are endless. A cardigan is a one-step option to take your outfit to the next level with a light layer. It’ll keep you looking cute and feeling comfy for whatever you get into, at home or out on the town.

Oversized Flannel

Like the cardigan, a men’s flannel shirt is the perfect light layer choice for nights at home with the family or afternoons out running errands. Flannels are a go-to day option for staying warm, comfy, and cozy. An oversized flannel is a fashion staple that never goes out of style. Whether you’re channeling ’90s grunge or lumberjack looks, borrow your partner’s flannel for a perfect final touch to your outfit. If you get too warm or end up in the sun, it can easily be tied around your waist for another ’90s inspired look. The fabric is so soft and comfortable that a flannel shirt can feel like a hug. Grab your partner’s biggest, coziest flannel, and you’re set for the casual, cute warmth of a stylish shirt layer.


Maybe it’s old-fashioned, but the idea of wearing your partner’s jacket is always romantic. It could go back to the ’50s, lettermen jackets, promise rings, milkshakes with two straws. Whatever it is about wearing your partner’s jacket specifically doesn’t matter. You just feel great when you do. So, when you need to stay warm and want a sweet reminder of your sweetheart, layer up with one of their jackets.

Men’s styles look great on women for a super chic androgynous look, and vice versa. Chances are, your partner has an awesome, stylish outer layer that would look just as awesome on you as it does on them—if not better. If you get chilly out there this season, grab your partner’s jacket as an extra layer of warmth and love. You’ll feel safe and warm, and you’ll look great too.

Whatever you decide to borrow from your partner’s closet, remember to ask their permission and try to go for items they don’t usually wear that often. With their permission to raid their closet, you can take your style and outfits above and beyond with these easy add-ons from your cutie’s collection. So, soak up the love and get cute and cozy in your partner’s clothes.


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