Stylish Pieces You Need for Your Island Beach Getaway

Four Stylish Pieces You Need for your Island Beach Getaway

There’s nothing quite like booking an island beach vacation. Your mind is suddenly occupied with visions of the waves crashing against the shore, your feet sinking into the thick sand, and the warm sun soothing your senses. It’s enough to make you want to hop in the plane and jet off without packing a thing. But, of course, you know that you need a few basic essentials to see you through your getaway in style.

What to pack? The options may seem endless and downright overwhelming if you don’t take a somewhat systematic approach to the process. Keep in mind that island life presents you with tons of opportunities to have a blast. One minute you might be relaxing on the balcony, the next, you might be sipping cocktails at an oceanfront restaurant, and the next, you may be exploring area attractions. From a fabulous swimsuit to dresses and beyond, here’s everything you need to enjoy your vacation in comfort.

Swimwear That Fits Like a Dream

Finding the “perfect” suit can be challenging. The right one for you comes down to a few key factors, including fit and style. The first is especially important because the way your suit of choice negotiates your body is key to helping you feel your best. The good news is there are so many silhouettes available, making it easier than ever to find one that you really love.

Whether you’re looking for a longer hemline on a swimsuit, such as a swim dress, or searching for a full-coverage one-piece or tankini - you’ll find enticing variety in colors ranging from neutral to bright. There are also plenty of eye-catching patterns that fit right into that island vibe, from lush botanical florals to playful polka dots.

Beach Coverups You Can Wear Anywhere

Don’t be fooled — beach coverups aren’t just for wearing on the beach! Sure, they’re great to throw on after you’ve dried off and want to wear something with a little more coverage while you relax on the sand. They’re perfect for that. You can find them in dozens of styles, ranging from chic maxi lengths to breezy sleeveless knee-lengths. All of them lend your wardrobe surprising versatility.

Just how easy is it to wear a beach coverup throughout your trip? You’d be surprised. If you choose a maxi, for example, you can easily dress it up or down in so many ways. Toss a denim jacket on when the sun sets, and the breeze picks up, finishing with an elegant scarf and a pair of metallic slides for a polished-meets-casual look from head to toe. You can even give it the glam treatment by adding a dramatic statement necklace and a pair of dressy wedges. Opt for a wrap style if you like the look of something more pulled together, or slip on a coverup skirt that easily pairs with your tankini top or bathing suit.

Jersey Dresses Perfect for Anything

Jersey fabric is prized for its soft texture and enduring comfort. It moves with you, gliding against your skin gently. It’s substantial but doesn’t feel too warm in the heat. Most important, it’s available in many styles and prints, so you can easily find a few that are perfect for island fun.

An easy choice for wearing on the boardwalk, at lunch and dinner, or while walking around town is a tiered maxi. Sleeveless styles keep you cool, but you can always pack a lightweight cotton cardigan to warm up in a hurry. For a dressier alternative, try a fit-and-flare variety.

Capri Pants for Outdoor Activities

Pants can fit in nicely on the island. You might choose a pair of flowing linen bottoms that provides you with a breezy and cooling alternative to, say, jeans. But what if you have a whole slate of outdoor activities planned? Whether you’re exploring the island on foot or want to take a walk to a nearby attraction, make sure that you’re prepared with garments that will keep you comfortable during the trek.

A pair of capri pants is surprisingly versatile. Choose a sporty style with a wide waistband so you’ll feel as comfortable as possible when you’re on the move. Other pull-on styles are more relaxed and may be the better option if you’re planning on more casual walking than strenuous movements. Remember a lightweight T-shirt and a pair of supportive sneakers or slip-on walking shoes.

Island life is sure to put you in the most relaxed state of mind. There’s nothing like that calming sensation that washes over you. Don’t disrupt it by wearing clothes that don’t fit and feel just right! By planning what to wear now, you can focus on the fun stuff, like what to do and see while you're looking your best.


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