Is Your House Ready for Santa?

Is Your House Ready for Santa?

The holidays can be a stressful time for a lot of us, but after all that buildup and preparation, Christmas Day can be a relaxing time to spend with loved ones. Gather around the table and share a meal — that prize turkey that's been hanging in the poulterer's window, the one as big as Tiny Tim. Open some gifts. See what Santa left under the tree for all the good boys and girls.

As we count down to the day when we can kick back and enjoy our family's company, we want to make sure you're really prepared, that no details slip through the cracks. How will the big guy know to make a stop at your house? What if he comes by your undecorated house and thinks you're off vacationing in Cancun? Avoid a Christmas disaster with our easy-to-follow checklist for Santa preparedness.

Show That Mantel Some Love

Throw some holiday cheer here and there. Hang up a needlepoint Christmas stocking for every member of the family. Don't forget to have them monogrammed—how's old Kringle supposed to know what goes where if you don't give him a little guidance? Help him out by embroidering your family members' names on their respective stockings.

Put a Wreath On It

A hanging door wreath says "holiday" more immediately than just about anything. The wreaths we sell here at Lands' End are made from evergreen branches on a family farm in Oregon. We think that's pretty cool, and we'd wager the big red guy would, too.

Look at the Finishing Touches

There are all kinds of holiday decorations in our home section that we think feels pretty traditional and modern. Take a look at our selection of holiday-themed throw pillows, fleece blankets, and assorted holiday candles. Mr. Claus will shoot down your chimney, take one look at that snowflake pillow, and think to himself, "Hey! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas."

Cookies Actually Work

He's called Father Christmas, after all, and we know dads like cookies. Leave him something sweet and he'll repay the favor. Compare notes with your neighbors so you can add variety to your street's offerings. He's down with trendy diets from time to time, so if you want to throw in something that's gluten sensitive or keto-friendly, he won't hold it against you. He'll probably appreciate the fact you're keeping his health in mind.

Now, with all that in mind, we hope you're feeling better about your prospects this Christmas. All it takes is a little spirit and the right decorations to make sure you're ready for Saint Nick's gift delivery. Play your cards right, and he's certain to leave you something real nice. Jackpot!


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