Is Wearing More Than 1 Scarf At Once Too Much For Your Outfit?

Is Wearing More Than 1 Scarf At Once Too Much For Your Outfit?

We'll just cut right to the chase and tell you no, it's not too much to wear more than one scarf. However, it does depend on the way you style the scarves and what outfit you are accessorizing with the scarves. All you need is a little know-how, and you can create fabulous outfits that incorporate multiple scarves. Let's get right into it, shall we?

Wear Two Scarves as One

Combining two scarves is a great way to add more texture and dimension to an outfit, particularly when those scarves are two different colors, prints, or fabrics. Just twirl the two together or braid three scarves in three different solid colors to form one multi-colored scarf. Wear the scarf however you typically would while enjoying the variety of the brand new scarf style you created with two old scarves.

The Hair Accessory and a Silky Neck Scarf Combo

This is such an elegant, vintage, summery look. Use one lightweight, silky scarf to use as an accessory for your hair. You can style in a variety of ways: as a headband, a pony tie, a bandana, incorporated into your french braid….it doesn’t matter how you style it in your hair just make sure you have one scarf to fashion on your head. Take your second scarf (which should also be lightweight and small) and wrap it around your neck to fashion a simple, classic knot. Since wearing two scarves in two different ways so close together is such an eye-catching look, the scarves need to be the focal point of your outfit. That means any other accessories should be minimal and your clothing pieces should be simple so that the eyes go straight to the scarves. All you need is a basic fitted white V-neck tee, your favorite blue bootcut jeans, and a pair of leather boots. For additional accessories that won’t take away from the scarves, fashion a simple brown leather belt around your waist and add subtle, small, tasteful jewelry pieces like rings or stud earrings.

Wear One Scarf as a Komono and The Other as a Hair Accessory

Since we are on the topic of different ways to wear a scarf as a hair accessory, pick one scarf to use for your hair and the other to drape across your shoulders as a kimono. This is a fabulous look for a tropical beach vacation. Focus on vivid colors and tropical, summery prints. The scarf you wear as a kimono can be layered over a simple, solid-colored sundress. If you want to winterize the scarf hair accessory and kimono duo, tie a small scarf in your hair as a headband and layer a dramatic, rich colored scarf over a women’s sweater. Accessorize with a pair of stunning heeled boots and a designer handbag.

Achieve a Rustic Country Look

Part of skillfully incorporating two scarves into an outfit is knowing how to pick two entirely different scarves and make them complement each other and the rest of your outfit effectively. If you like the look of a rustic, country-themed outfit for a summer bonfire or a crisp fall day, use one small, solid color scarf (red is a good choice) as a substitute handkerchief that hangs out of the back or front pocket of your blue jeans. It’s a subtle accent that gives your jeans a unique look. Next, pull on a flannel shirt as your base layer and fashion a fall-appropriate scarf around your neck. Finish the look with a pair of fall boots and a lightweight jacket of your choice.

The Dress and Jewelry Combo

Don’t think about scarves as something you simply use as an accessory for your neck. There are so many ways to wear scarves. For a summery look that will be perfect on a tropical getaway, take a very large scarf and wear it as a sarong or halter dress. Choose summery, tropical prints with lots of colors. Take the second scarf, something much smaller, and fashion it around your neck as a necklace or around your wrist as a bracelet. The scarf dress is something you can throw on over a bathing suit after a dip in the water. Who knew it was so easy to look instantly fabulous after a day on the beach?

Use Two Scarves to Add Extra Dimension to Tops

If you have a basic, solid-colored turtleneck or tunic that you love wearing but feel could use some dressing up, take two solid colored chunky knit infinity scarves and layer both around your neck. This is also a great option if you live in a cold climate and need extra warmth. If you doubled up on top layers, why not double up on scarves?

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