Iron Knees Patches for Girls

She Loves Her Girls' Leggings - How do Iron Knees Make Sure They Last?

We get it: when your girl has a pair of girls' leggings she wears all the time, it's hard not to get holes in them within a few weeks. You invest a lot of time, energy and money to get her a pair she likes, but now it's time to find a pair of girls' leggings that will last. We may be able to help you there: just last year, we introduced a new kind of reinforced Iron Knees® into our girls' leggings, so she can wear her favorite pair weekly without getting holes in them.

What are Iron Knees®?

Iron Knees® are reinforced all-way stretch patches woven into each pair of our girls' leggings. They give her an extra barrier of protection from holes showing up while playing hard at recess. They're designed to stretch and flex with your girl, so no matter what kind of silly hijinks she gets into, they won't wear out before the day is over.

Are the Stretch Patches in Your Girls' Leggings with Iron Knees® Comfortable?

Absolutely. No one should have a pair of girls' leggings that make them uncomfortable. Our girls' leggings with Iron Knees® are made with comfort in mind. The all-way stretch patch is meant to be extra-soft and comfortable, so she won't even feel it after she pulls her favorite pair on in the morning. Even better, thanks to the flexible and well-shaped material, they're completely invisible from the outside, so she won't even be able to tell she has the toughest knees on the playground when she looks in the mirror.

Do You Have Any Laundry Tips to Make Sure the Leggings with Iron Knees® Don't Wear Out in the Wash?

There's no need to fear your washing machine. Our Iron Knees® knee patch leggings are just about as laundry-safe as any other pair of girls' pants. When it comes to caring for her Iron Knees®, just put them in the washing machine on warm and tumble dry them on low. If you want them to be extra warm and smooth, try a warm iron too.

Do Iron Knees® Come in Any Other Style?

She may have a favorite pair of leggings, but that doesn't mean she can't have a favorite pair of girls' jeans or girls' chinos, too. We built our Iron Knees® to be in all of our girls' styles so she can have plenty of knee hole-proof outfits ready to go. It's the same extra-flexible stretch patch in every style, so you won't have to worry about a change in texture or quality from pair to pair. With our girls' pants with Iron Knees®, she can stay comfortable with reinforced knees no matter what she picks out in the morning.

Iron Knees® are the Perfect Way to Keep Your Girls' Pants From Getting Holes

When it comes to having girls on the go, you have to have girls' pants that'll keep up with her. Our girls' leggings, girls' jeans and girls' chinos with Iron Knees® are more than up to the task, plus they'll save you multiple replacement shopping trips. There's no more need for backups, patchwork, or mending; now you can send her outside without the worry that she'll come home with holes. With the benefits of Iron Knees® leggings with patches, she's free to play hard.


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