Why to Invest in a Cashmere Sweater

5 Reasons to Invest in a Cashmere Sweater

A cashmere sweater is an item every woman wants. They’re soft, classic, and a go-to winter item that never goes out of style. The price tag for a cashmere sweater can sometimes feel overwhelming though, especially if you’re a woman who’s used to splurging on your kids and husband, but not on yourself. The price tag shouldn’t be overwhelming, though there are many reasons why investing in a cashmere sweater is a worthy item to buy. Here are five reasons why a cashmere sweater is a worthy investment.

They’re Timeless

Few pieces of clothing are truly timeless. Most items go out of style after a few years, if not after a few months. Cashmere sweaters are one of the clear exceptions to this rule: cashmere sweaters have been worn by generations of men, women, and children for generations. They’ve been handed down from generation to generation and look just as good when they’re a week old as they do when they’re 40 years old — with proper care, of course. In essence, cashmere sweaters are made with the intention of being an item that will be a closet staple for years, not just a few months.

So, even if that cashmere sweater feels expensive as you’re putting it in your shopping cart, just remember it’s a small price to pay for an item that is sure to last years. Just think about how much you’ve spent on throwaway tops that have only lasted a season or two? Splurging feels better when you know you’re getting something high-quality, and cashmere sweaters are certainly that.

They’re Warm

Cashmere sweaters are warm. That’s one of their biggest appeals. The fibers are made from long goat hairs, giving you extra warmth when compared to wool or cotton. The fibers that make up a cashmere sweater are intended to keep in your body’s heat, trapping it inside the sweater and not letting it release into the cold air. In other words, the sweater keeps you extra warm because it keeps in your natural body warmth.

And when layered over one of our T-shirts for women, you’ll be even warmer and ready for whatever cold weather is coming your way.

They’re Versatile

Cashmere sweaters come in a variety of styles: cardigans, pullovers, turtlenecks, and more, and they all look good with different styles of clothing. For example, cashmere turtlenecks are best-suited when worn with a pair of knee-high leather boots and corduroy pants — a classic preppy look that is a go-to for many women on days full of errands or when hosting friends at home.

A cashmere cardigan, on the other hand, looks great when worn unbuttoned over an A-line dress or little black dress, and can even be a makeshift jacket on a non-super-cold day. An item that can be worn with casual errand-running clothes just as well as it can be worn with any outfit you plan on wearing to a dressy dinner is a great wardrobe staple. You’ll be able to turn to it again and again, no matter the occasion.

They Come in All Different Sizes

Lands’ End has cashmere sweaters for everybody, including women’s petite cashmere sweaters and plus-size cashmere sweaters, too. You can find a cashmere sweater that truly fits you — a sweater that you look forward to putting on and feeling confident in. The variety of styles also means you can find a shape that you like best, too. You can truly select the sweater that best fits your needs to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. If you put on a sweater multiple times a winter for multiple years in a row, the money spent will feel well worth it.

They Feel Luxurious

The word cashmere is synonymous with luxury. Investing in a good cashmere sweater is exciting, and you’ll feel special every time you wear it. You’re busy and deserve to feel special every day. If a piece of clothing is going to help you feel fancy, why not make the splurge and have a special outfit to wear for years and years to come?

Cashmere is one of those items that you won’t regret investing in because it's timeless, well-made, and the sweaters are as functional (warm!) as they are fashionable. Plus, they're an item that's worthy of being passed down to your children.


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