How to Incorporate Darker Colors Into Your Wardrobe This Spring and Summer

How to Incorporate Darker Colors Into Your Wardrobe This Spring and Summer

Who said you can’t wear black in the summer? Actually, lots of people. But those people are wrong! While many look forward to spring and summer so they can bust out their neon yellow shorts and kaleidoscope dresses, others mourn the gloomy and shadowy colors that are acceptable in winter and fall. But no more! Here is a complete guide to incorporating your favorite dark colors into your spring and summer wardrobe!

Black Is Back (Or It Never Left)

First, you can absolutely wear block in spring and summer, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. While many people have fall and winter wardrobes that revolve around black, grey, and other gloomy but chic colors, that doesn’t these colors cannot work when the sun is shining. You do not have to say goodbye to your black and grey pieces when spring hits. But to make your black pieces more spring and summer-friendly, try lightening them with cheerful prints and accessories. Your little black dress can still be perfect for a summer date night, just pair it with summery wedges and a colorful purse.

Black florals are also a brilliant way to wear black without feeling out of place in summer. Your black accessories can add an edge to your lighter summertime clothes. Add a black belt over a colorful mini-dress or wear your black wedges with a pair of white pants. Black hats, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, purses, and shoes can all find a place in your spring and summer wardrobe, so no need to shove them to the back of your closet until September.

Keep It Easy Breezy

A super simple way to make darker colors work in the summer and spring is to choose your materials wisely. Cotton, gauze, chiffon, silk, crepe, and even tulle are all lightweight, airy materials that look breezy. Avoid heavy materials like canvas, denim, corduroy, wool, tweed, and chenille; save them for fall and winter! Not only do you probably not want to wear these hefty fabrics when the sun is scorching, but they will make you look out of place in summer and spring. So choose light fabrics if you want to wear darker colors to maintain the breezy vibe of spring and summer.

Loosey Goosey Looks

Along with lightweight fabrics, less-fitted pieces that flow and have stunning movement can make darker colors work better in warm weather. Flowing peasant tops and palazzo pants can make you look summery and gorgeous, even if it’s an all-black look! Draped womens blouses in dark colors can create angelic summer looks with an edge. A black maxi dress can capture the spirit of summer if it’s flowy and loose, especially when paired with cute wedges or colorful accessories.

A Pop of Color

Speaking of colorful accessories, sometimes the easiest way to make darker colors work in spring and summer is to pair them with a bright, playful color. A vibrant pink lipstick can turn a moody outfit into a stylish summer look. Don’t underestimate what even one colorful accessory can do to elevate your look and inject the sunny energy of spring and summer. For people who gravitate toward dark colors, incorporating a pop of bright color can be intimidating, so start small. Even a neon nail color can mitigate the moodiness of a head-to-toe black outfit.

Spring and Summer Silhouettes

Another simple way to wear dark colors in spring and summer is to choose the right silhouettes. Instead of wearing black jeans, wear black jean shorts! Instead of wearing the fitted long-sleeve, opt for short sleeve women’s shirts that will make you look more seasonal and stylish. Lightweight maxi dresses, strappy sandals, cute shorts, and sleeveless tops are all appropriate silhouettes for spring and summer that can work in even the darkest colors. If you enjoy fitted looks, you can still wear darker colors as long as you choose suitable silhouettes. Avoid high necklines, sleeves, layered looks, dresses with excess fabric, and other cold-weather silhouettes.

Dark Colors With Warm Weather Vibes

This article gives you permission to wear black in the spring and summer, but you may be wondering about other dark colors. There are plenty of other colors you can make work in spring and summer, such as sage, navy, blackberry, burgundy, pine, and even chocolate brown. If you adhere to the tips above, you can wear any of these colors when the weather is warm. When choosing darker colors for spring and summer, it’s best to let yourself be inspired by nature! Many flowers have deep colors that are perfect at home in spring and summer and even the rich color of the ocean can be your muse.

Embrace the Moody Side of Spring and Summer

With this guide, you can rock your favorite dark colors and pieces all through spring and summer! Both dark cool colors and warm colors can be part of your warm-weather wardrobe, just be mindful of the silhouettes and fabrics.


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