The Importance of Rash Guards

The Importance of Rash Guards

You may associate a rash guard with surfing — keeping your skin from rubbing against the abrasive wax that’s used to line the board, helping your feet to stay glued to its surface, but subjecting you to a substance that’s hard on your body, causing it to chafe over time. And while that’s certainly one very useful reason to wear a rash guard, that’s only one of many benefits that they have. Rash guards are a versatile, functional piece of clothing that you can wear on and off the beach, enjoying the ways they can improve your experience of the outdoors while keeping you healthy and safe at the same time. Rash guards have been gaining in popularity over time, with people catching on to all the wonderful effects of wearing them beyond the board. And now, there are so many different kinds of rash guards available, from short-sleeved rash guards to long-sleeved rash guards, sleeveless rash guards to tunic rash guards, and more. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to work a rash guard into your beach look or athletic wear and how comfortable — and helpful — wearing one can be. Here’s a guide to the importance of rash guards.

Why Wear a Rash Guard?

Anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors, whether they’re at the beach, at the pool, or simply hanging out in their backyard, knows how powerful the sun’s rays can be and how important it is to take them seriously. Perhaps you’ve had that painful sunburn or two that’s convinced you to never leave the house without sunscreen and a big hat. But there’s another layer to excellent sun protection. A rash guard provides even more of a safeguard against the sun than just sunscreen. Many rash guards, including many of those sold at Lands’ End, have UPF 50 sun protection built into their fabric. A fabric’s UPF, or Ultraviolet Protection Factor, is meant to specify how much UV radiation your skin can receive when wearing it. A fabric with a UPF of 50 blocks 98% of the sun’s rays and helps to keep your skin shielded against any harmful effects of radiation. Lands’ End’s UPF rash guards are even recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UVA and UVB protectant for covered areas.

While the primary and perhaps most important function of the rash guard is to protect from the sun, it can also serve other functions. A short or long-sleeve cover-up rash guard is an invaluable wardrobe item to bring with you wherever you go in the warmer months. Put on a rash guard when you simply want to be a little more modest, covering up over your bathing suit while still looking fashionable with the wide range of colors and styles available. There’s also the chlorine-resistant rash guard, perfect for any frequent pool swimmer who wants a rash guard that’s super durable, not only against the effects of the sun but of chlorine exposure. And at the end of the day, or simply if you have a slight chill after water exposure, throw on your rash guard for an extra layer of protection from the wind and lower temperatures.

When to Wear a Rash Guard

A rash guard is a perfect layer to add on when you’re enjoying outdoor time, whether you’re by the water or not. You can throw your rash guard on over your bathing suit and still wear it in the water — in fact, it’s designed to be able to be worn in the ocean, pool, or whatever body of water you find yourself in! Whether you choose the long-sleeved rash guard, short-sleeved rash guard, or sleeveless rash guard, it’s the perfect layer to add when you need a little extra protection from the sun and sunscreen. Perhaps you’ll even choose to wear it over some sun protective swimwear for ultimate sun safety.

But the rash guard isn’t only at home by the water — anyone can enjoy the benefits of a UPF rashguard when enjoying time outdoors. Athletes love its moisture-wicking fabric that keeps them nice and dry during vigorous activity. Not to mention the excellent sun protection they, too, benefit from as they practice tennis, soccer, running, or any other outdoor sport for an extended period of time.

The importance of rash guards cannot be overstated. They’re an invaluable addition to any wardrobe if you enjoy the outdoors (and who doesn’t?). Rash guards certainly can’t replace sunscreen, but when you pair a rash guard and sunscreen together, you’re giving yourself the ultimate shield against the sun, allowing for extended, ultra-safe, and comfortable fun in the warmer months. Check out the links below for even more tips and tricks from Lands’ End!


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