Importance of Hydration While Staying Fresh This summer

Summer is a delightful time of year, with so much to do and get excited about. From beach days to pool parties, the days are long and full. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and one thing's for sure, it's hot out there. While you may be an expert at keeping yourself and the kids sun screened and geared up in sun protective swimwear and clothing, are you thinking about the other summer essential - hydration?

When the warm weather hits, your body loses water in a few additional ways compared to the cooler months. During hotter, humid days, your H20 leaves the body rapidly through sweat, temperature regulation, and plain old existing.

Why is Hydration Important?

Hydration is vital for your overall health. Water makes up a considerable portion of our bodies, and it helps in the most basic and complex body processes. Water helps regulate body temperature, lubricate joints, keep organs functional, deliver nutrients to cells, fight infection, and much more. Water constitutes 60% of men's bodies and 55% of women's. It's crucial to keep H20 stores up to a safe level so that your body can maintain proper function for even the simplest tasks.


Dehydration causes more than thirst; it puts the body at risk of losing electrolytes such as sodium and potassium, which are vital for the most basic of bodily functions. Avoid getting to the point where you're thirsty and instead keep ahead of dehydration to avoid unpleasant symptoms like headaches, muscle cramps, and more.

Also, dehydration comes on rather quickly. Even when we might think we're hydrating because we're drinking liquids, not all drinks are hydrating. Liquids like alcohol and caffeinated beverages pull water from the body. If you had a coffee at breakfast and have a few cocktails in the afternoon sun, match them with good ole fashion H2O.

While fruit and energy juices may be tasty and feel hydrating, room-temperature water is a better option. It's easier for the body to process and use and does not contain sugars and calories. While ice-cold may feel refreshing, it can be harsh on your digestive tract, which is why we recommend tepid water.

Hydrate Before and After Exercise

Consume water before and after activities when you know you will sweat and expend a lot of energy, such as when exercising. Whether taking an afternoon hike, surfing, or working out, the summer sun sneaks up on you. To combat the heat, keep a reusable water bottle with you and keep it filled.

Hydrating Foods

If you're not a fan of water or want to double your hydration efforts, we've researched some delicious, nutritious, and hydrating foods that you can include in your diet to give your body more liquids. It doesn't hurt that they're all fruits and vegetables packed with vitamins and minerals (this list is far from exhaustive).















Or, if you want to add something to your water to make it tastier to drink, try adding a slice of citrus, cucumber, or strawberry, whatever tickles your fancy.

How to Stay Fresh this Summer

Light-weight fabrics that keep you cool and breezy are the key to staying fresh this summer. Wearing breathable fabrics is crucial because they prevent excess sweating. We love stunning cotton dresses that are soft and comfortable. Perfect for walks along the boulevard or in the park.

We love a cute skort with a womens linen shirt to keep a simple, versatile look perfect for running errands or grabbing an iced coffee with a friend.

For another trendy outfit that will keep a cool body temperature, opt for high waisted shorts which flatter the waist and womens cotton tank tops that let your underarms breathe.

Top off the outfit with bucket hats that cover your face and prevent excessive sun exposure. Keeping your face out of direct sunlight will prevent premature aging and prevent you from getting hotter and sweating even more.

Pair these outfits with comfortable yet stylish women's sandals.

A Few Summer Pro Tips

Although it might be hard to imagine, you sweat and can lose water through your pores even while swimming. So remember to take water breaks during your swim or surf to keep your fluid levels topped off.

Another pro tip is that even when the clouds are out, you can still get sunburned and exposed to a high UV index, so don't be fooled by the overcast sky. Sun-protective gear like sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, and water is still good, even when elusive clouds cover the sun.

It's essential to keep hydration in mind all year long, but as soon as that summer sun hits, it is vital to double down on your hydration efforts. The weather is perfect, life is good, and you're ready to face the summer heat with your reusable water bottle and a fresh platter of fruit and vegetables.


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