5 Ideas for Your Bridal Shower

5 Ideas for Your Bridal Shower

Traditionally meant as a time to “shower” a bride or groom with wedding gifts , a shower is a wonderful way to celebrate each future spouse individually with their friends and family before the big day. Sometimes a bride plans and hosts her own shower, while often their family, friends, or bridesmaids will host the event. A bridal shower is a little tamer than a bachelorette and is generally a celebration with food, drinks, and sometimes, gift-opening. The idea is to make it a special day for the bride, which should involve catering to her personality and tastes.

We think a themed bridal shower is a great way to go, allowing guests to plan accordingly and fully embrace an idea the bride loves! Here are a few themes and ideas for your bridal shower that will make it a day to remember.

A Cottagecore Shower

If you’re a bride-to-be who loves all things homemade and natural, a cottagecore shower is sure to be up your alley. Hosting your shower somewhere outdoors is best if it’s warm outside, so you can embrace the nature vibe. But if it’s in the winter, choose a cabin-y bar or restaurant, or even transform someone’s home into a cozy cottage space.

Either way, Christmas lights can go up, wildflower arrangements can line the tables, and you can encourage guests to wear long, flowing dresses or woodsy linen blouses for the ultimate in rustic fashion. Serve seasonal salads, meat and cheese plates, and natural wine to complete the theme.

A Pajama Party Shower

For the bride who’s still a girl at heart, harken back to the days of pajama parties and girl talk with this adorable shower idea. You can go all the way, hosting your shower at home, telling everyone to bring a sleeping bag, and embracing the full slumber party vibe. Or, if you and your guests don’t feel like sleeping on the floor, simply have everyone wear their favorite pajamas, or nightgown, lay out loads of slumber party snacks like popcorn, candy and pizza, and swap seats for big, cozy cushions and blankets where everyone can pile up and get cozy as they celebrate you!

A Tropical Vacation Shower

A fun idea for the bride who loves a beach vacation but wants to stay close to home, the tropical vacation-themed shower offers loads of fun ideas for a memorable party. Tropical fruits can line the table (and serve as hors d’oeuvres), while blow-up palm trees can give the space an exotic feel. Have everyone dress in their vacation clothes, including bathing suits, sarongs, Hawaiian shirts, and flip flops, along with beach hats and sunglasses. Mix up some margaritas and piña coladas, and let the party begin!

A Vineyard-Themed Shower

This is going to be a popular idea with your guests. Bring the vineyard to you by curating a wine-themed bridal shower. Consult with an employee at a wine store or winery (or better yet, hire them for the shower if you can swing it) and arrange to have a wine tasting from your favorite wine region. Guests should dress to impress, with a business-casual vibe of sleek turtlenecks and blazers, or a well-fitted romper or dress in the spring or summer.

Serve guests good wine-pairing food, like a meat and cheese plate, or consult with the expert for the best foods to eat with your particular wines. For an added touch, decorate the space with a fun tablescape of wine bottles, flower vases filled with wine corks, grapes, and cute message boards with phrases like “cheers!” written on them.

A High Tea Shower

Bring out your good china and your favorite teas—a high tea party is the epitome of class when it comes to bridal showers. Inspired by the British tradition of tea-drinking, this type of high-class gathering is known for its tea, of course, of which you will want to have a plentiful and varied supply, but also for its finger foods.

Tea sandwiches, scones, and petits-fours are a staple, and are the perfect snacks to serve at a bridal shower. Fill the room with flowers, and dress the part, too, with an elegant floral dress. Encourage your guests to bring some British style, as well, encouraging hats and ladylike dresses.

These are some ideas to help make your shower the event of the season, no matter what month you’re in. Embrace your personality and choose a theme that reflects what you love—your friends will be thrilled to celebrate you, and to get an excuse to dress up a little, too. Check out the links below for more tips and tricks from Lands’ End!


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