Ideas For Outdoor Date Nights

Ideas For Outdoor Date Nights

In the summertime, we get to spend more time outdoors than during the other seasons, and this means more outdoor activities, including date nights. Shake off your boring dinner date or movie theater outing and get more creative this season by taking things outside. These outdoor date ideas will have you falling in love again all summer long!

Picnic In The Park (Or Backyard)

A great way to spend a date is over a meal. It’s a timeless classic, and by taking it to a picnic, you’ll freshen up this old favorite. Make or buy dinner (depending on how much you want to impress your date), grab a beach towel, and head outside. Local parks are great spots to have picnics, but if you want to keep things close to home, just head to the backyard! You can set up your perfect backyard date-night oasis right from the comfort of your own yard. Add candles or tiki torches to really set the romantic evening mood. Plus, this one is a cheap option: all you need is food, company, and some comfy grass to sit on. It’s a DIY date that is sure to be a great time.


After a long, hot day at the beach, everyone is exhausted. Revamp your date night by cooling off with a casual walk down the boardwalk. It’s a fun, easy way to see sights, people watch, and spend a whole evening exploring. From carnival rides and games to mini-golf and shopping, you’re sure to find something everyone can enjoy, including you and your date! Grab dinner on the boardwalk (think pizza, corn dogs, and other fried foods) and make a night of walking around the neon lights with your sweetie. Take in all the sights and enjoy the evening breeze off the ocean. Get extra romantic and borrow your date’s sweater if things get chilly. This is another fairly cheap option, but spend a little, so you don’t miss out on carnival rides and winning your date a prize. Get cozy with your date on a dark ride and have a great retro date night.


With all the great weather summer has to offer, it can seem like a waste of an evening to spend your night inside a theater watching a movie. Instead, take your date night to a drive-in theater! It’s vintage, fun, and novel, and you’ll still get to cozy up to your date and enjoy the movie. Hit the snack bar for popcorn and treats, and then relax in the comfort of your own car. Do some research on local spots before you go, as many towns have special summer outdoor movie events when they don’t have an actual Drive-In Theater, and these are often free. Plus, old theaters often show old movies, so treat your date to a retro romantic classic under the stars! Whatever film you end up seeing, you’re sure to have a wonderful romantic evening with your date.

Outdoor Concert

There’s nothing like live music to get people excited and moving. In the summer, artists and bands often tour outdoor venues to get the most from the season, and even small towns and local cities have live performances. Check out your local events calendar and see what’s happening near you for a nice, easy, and free music experience. If you’re willing to spend more or travel for the occasion, get tickets to see an artist or band that you and your date enjoy. A concert is a great way to spend quality time with someone without the pressure of having to talk too much, not unlike a movie. With an outdoor concert, though, you’ll be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the show while enjoying the company of your date. Usually, concerts are rain or shine events, so you could even end up on a fun, rainy date if the weather permits. Grab your raincoats and ponchos and get ready to rock. You’re sure to have a night worth remembering, and if the date goes well, you’ll be making musical memories to last a lifetime.

Take Them Out To The Ballgame

Nothing says summer like baseball, the great American pastime. Being at a ballpark for a game is a wonderful atmosphere, and you really get swept up in the magic. Local teams and minor leagues offer tickets in varying price ranges, so there’s a game and price point out there for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether or not you like the sport; being at a game is a whole different experience! You and your date can enjoy matching hats, hot dogs, and all the spectacle of being at a live sporting event. This date option is sure to be a home run for your evening out.

No matter what you decide to do on your dates this summer, get outside. It will feel good to change your scenery and keep the date in motion, and the nice summer weather won’t last forever. Enjoy it while you can and have fun, memorable date nights all season long.


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