How to Pair Jeans With Boots

How to Pair Jeans With Boots

Jeans and boots are a match made in heaven. These two pieces go together effortlessly to create a fabulous look. But how do you know just what style of boots to wear with what style of jeans? With the limitless options in both women’s jeans and great-looking boots, it can get dicey. This guide is here to help with style tips to help you pick the right pairings to keep your outfits on-point every time.

Why Jeans and Boots Work So Well Together

Functional, durable, and full of incredible everyday style, boots and jeans are a perfect way to pair fall and winter favorites for maximum style. Need to know a few reasons why to go with this combo? Comfort is key; since there are so many stylish looks in jeans and boots, you can feel good and look good with ease. Durability is another factor. Your favorite denim pieces and boot styles can be worn again and again and never fail you. These pieces are also made with the active woman in mind. From running errands to a dinner date, these versatile pieces can go practically anywhere.

Create Balance With Your Boot and Denim Picks

To keep your style going strong, look for ways to create a balanced look when you pair jeans and boots together. Streamlined pieces can be offset with more pronounced styles and vice versa. For example, you might wear skinny jeans with a pair of chunky ankle boots or a pair of slightly wide calf-length or knee-length styles. Keep in mind that you can also create complementary looks, such as skinny jeans worn with a sleeker boot style or wide-leg denim with chunky lace-up boots. You’ll also want to make sure the tops that you choose help you achieve that balanced look, so fitted denim with tunics or wide-legged jeans with a sleek turtleneck, for example.

How Casual Should You Go?

Another key to your denim-plus-boots combo is choosing the right level of casual or dressy designs to work together. Because these pieces are so incredibly versatile, there are a lot of routes to go. You can opt for a stark contrast, such as ripped jeans with classy heeled boots or straight-leg jeans with casual, flat leather boots or lace-up boots. These types of pairings will create a more unique, eye-catching style. Bootleg and straight-leg jean styles can tend to look more dressy, so these are good choices to wear with styles like heeled, cut-out, or patent leather boots. Light washes and relaxed fits often look more casual, so these are great to put on along with your flat boots or boots that have a more casual or outdoorsy feel.

Color Always Counts

Today, jeans are no longer just blue. There are so many variations, both on the traditional blue shades associated with denim and with various colors from black to bright green, your style choices are endless. Similarly, with boots, there are many designs, from basic neutral styles to colorful embellished looks. When it comes to choosing a color, you can let your personal style preferences generally guide you, but there are also a few keys to keep in mind. For example, neutral colors never go wrong with any shade of denim. Tan, taupe, black, gray, and many other neutral shades will always work beautifully, whether you’re sporting a pair of crisp white jeans or a pair done in a well-worn vintage wash. If you want to make your boots the star of the show, skip vibrant pant colors and go for a more toned-down look with your jeans, such as black or a traditional blue hue.

Tuck and Roll

Not, it’s not a fire drill. It’s fashion! How the bottom of your jeans looks with boots is also important. You’ll need to decide whether you want to tuck your jeans into your boots, wear them out and untucked, cuff them up, or even roll them. The main idea is that you’ll want the overall look to be stylish and not messy.

For example, if your jeans are too loose, tucking them into a pair of ankle boots won’t look quite right. There are many ways you can cuff or roll your jeans, from single large cuffs to tighter triple rolls. The benefit is that you can play with these different options to style the bottom of your jeans in a way that looks and feels comfortable to you.

Creating the Perfect Harmony With Your Boots and Jeans

When you wear a pair of great boots and jeans together, the look shouldn't compete. These two pieces should work in harmony together to provide you with an overall fantastic style. Use the style tips above and explore your own fashion passions to create denim and boot combinations you’ll love for every season.

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