How You Can Spruce Up Your Christmas Decorations This Year

How You Can Spruce Up Your Christmas Decorations This Year

It’s that time of year again. The town is alive with Christmas cheer; the neighbors are stopping by with carols, the shops are full of eager shoppers, and the countdown has started to that special Christmas day. Amid the hubbub, you must find time to decorate. Maybe you’ve pulled out all the Christmas decorations from the attic but discovered that they just don’t hit the same as they have in past years. The treetop angel looks a little tattered, or the garland is falling apart; whatever the case may be, if you’re seeking a refresh on your Christmas decorations, you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to holiday decorating, there is plenty you can do to spruce up your décor.

Start with Christmas rugs that spruce up the space and get you in the Christmas mood. These Christmas rugs are super comfy and soft on bare feet and will last for years. As another quick addition to your holly jolly vibe, toss Christmas throw pillows on the couch for a festive look. These pillows are super comfy and will have you sinking into your furniture.

Update the Guest Bedroom

If you have guests coming, they will appreciate having a Christmas-ready room! Christmas bedding sets are a great start. Christmas flannel print bed sheets will have your guests oh-so-comfy! Select from the theme of snow gnomes on candy cane skis or embroidered sets featuring penguins or festive red embroidery. They offer your guests soft, combed cotton, making them our softest flannel sheets. The velvety texture, created by Portuguese master weavers, is more durable than ever. Finish off the guest room bedding with plush Christmas throws for added warmth and softness.

Opt for Personalized Stockings

Personalized Christmas stockings are a super cute look for the mantle that will make everyone feel special. These needlepoint stockings are so cute you’ll want one for everybody, even the fur babies. Choose from a vast selection of adorable prints, including Santa in a rocket ship, caroling snowmen, dogs sitting by the fireplace, and many more. These intricately decorated stockings will look very enticing for the kiddos filled with gifts on Christmas morning.

Update Your Christmas Color Palette

Choose a new Christmas color palette to excite you. While classic green, red, silver, and gold are charming, sometimes you need a little pep in your Christmas step. Try muted red and green, yielding playful pink and calming sage as an off-brand but stylish Christmas theme.

An all-white, dreaming-of-a-white Christmas theme is an underrated classic decorating style that will evoke feelings of pure joy. The theme stands out and provides a peaceful and serene atmosphere for your most chill Christmas season yet. Alternatively, opt for a rustic look this season with a green, brown, and gold theme that will evoke the great outdoors. And with any luck, you’ll manifest a beautiful blanket of fresh snow on Christmas day.

If you like switching up your tree decorations for something more memorable, color-coordinate your tree. We love the idea of a rainbow tree with ornaments in ascending colors. A rainbow tree will be aesthetically pleasing whether it is Pride-inspired or an artistic choice. If you like switching up some more classics, purchase a white faux Christmas tree and decorate it with green ornaments and lights. You’ll keep with the classic theme but give it a unique twist. A string of red cranberries will look particularly remarkable in combination.

Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments

Are you looking for activities to entertain the little ones? An easy DIY ornament project is making corn starch ornaments. The recipe is super easy and won’t require much time or effort. Roll out the dough and have the kiddos press shapes with assorted Christmas cookie cutters and let them take a role in decorating the tree. Don’t forget to punch holes in the top of each ornament before baking. Once the shapes have been made, throw them in the oven. After they’re out and cooled, the kids can paint them and let their imaginations run wild. On the back of each ornament, write the year and the artist’s name, so you’ll know whose creation was whose. The kids will take great pride in the Christmas tree this year, seeing as they’re the ones who made the ornaments.

Enjoy Time With Loved Ones

This year, spruce up your Christmas decorations with exciting alternatives and new additions that will get you in the mood for a festive season. This time of year is about gathering loved ones and enjoying their company; they will love your Christmas updates.


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