How We Design Our Mastectomy Swimsuits

How We Design Our Mastectomy Swimsuits

Have you ever wondered how mastectomy swimsuits are designed? Or wondered about how to find mastectomy swimsuits that feel just as incredible as they look? Lands’ End is proud to not only offer a wide selection of mastectomy swimsuits but also help our buyers find the right swimsuits for their unique preferences. We design each one with your body’s needs in mind and your sense of style. Comfortable, flattering, and well-made, they’re perfect for exercising at the pool or relaxing on vacation.

Many of our mastectomy bathing suits have wide straps and high necklines to conceal scarring. Smaller arm openings provide extra coverage, too. And every suit is made from fabric that protects against UV rays, which can darken scars.

Prostheses pockets are another important feature found in our mastectomy swimwear. These pouches keep breast forms firmly in place, creating an attractive, natural look. A soft-cup bra also provides gentle support without pinching.

If you’re looking for a great fabric to flatter your curves, look for our suits made from a compression, Slendertex® fabric. This amazing material smooths your figure. Lycra® Xtra Life™ spandex fiber also helps our bathing suits keep their shape and prevents damage from chlorine, sunscreen and excessive heat (never dry your suit in the sun).

Also, every one of our mastectomy swimsuits is designed to look amazing. We know style matters, especially when your body has changed. Having surgery shouldn’t mean saying goodbye to bright colors, playful prints, and eye-catching details. This is your time to have fun in the sun. When shopping for mastectomy swimsuits, have a mental checklist of all your top priorities. The information we have provided above should help make the shopping experience a little more straightforward. Now, we can get into helping you find swimsuit designs and fits that are the best option for you!

You may think your options are more limited when shopping for something more specialized like mastectomy swimsuits as opposed to other swimsuit styles, but think again! We can confidently say that you can find the style, color, and fit you love in the mastectomy swimsuit category. One of the most important features to consider is the fit. How the swimsuit will fit on you will play the biggest role in your comfort level. And while it’s important to look and feel cute in a new swimsuit, style should never trump comfort. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to!

Start by exploring and familiarizing yourself with different mastectomy swimsuit styles. Do you like one-piece swimsuits, two-piece swimsuits with swim shorts, or a little of both? Do you like the classic one-piece swimsuit style or a cute, modern tankini with a blouson tummy? Aside from a variety of solid colors or color blocking styles to choose from, many print styles are ranging from floral print to animal print to vintage prints. The more you explore, the more styles you will find. If you're going to be spending a lot of time going to the beach or hanging out by the pool, invest in a few different mastectomy swimsuit styles so you can have fun switching up your swimwear looks and cut back on the amount of washing necessary.

After finding a mastectomy swimsuit that fits you well and perfectly flatters your figure, you can get to the really fun part: picking out the styles, designs, prints, and colors you love the most. As we mentioned above, there are endless style varieties to choose from within the mastectomy category. Do you love the iconic look of a cherry red one-piece swimsuit that makes you look like a vintage Hollywood starlet? Or perhaps you love something sunny and stylish, like a pink polka-dot tankini or a mastectomy one-piece with a ruffled top.

Aside from aesthetic features such as print, color, and cut, it’s worth it to invest in a mastectomy swimsuit of high quality; something that will last you for many seasons and come with various features. For example, when shopping for a swimsuit of any kind, look for products that offer things like chlorine resistance and UPF sun protection. These are practical features that serve to protect both your swimsuit and you! A mastectomy swimsuit with chlorine resistance will protect the material and make it harder for chlorine to wear out or discolor the swimsuit. Additionally, something like UPF sun protection will help protect your skin beneath the bathing suit (since UV rays can come through material). Finally, pay attention to the materials used to construct the swimsuit since certain materials are designed to last longer and provide greater durability.

Are you looking for new mastectomy swimsuits to wear for the summer season or an upcoming beach vacation? Visit Lands’ End today to browse our expansive selection of swimsuits, blouson tankinis, and more one-piece swimsuits.


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