How to Shop for Your Next Favorite Winter Coat

How to Shop for Your Next Favorite Winter Coat

If you’re looking for your next favorite winter coat, look no further. A winter coat can certainly be an investment, which means you should know exactly what you’re looking for and how to find it before heading off to purchase your next winter coat. Depending on where you live and what your fashion sense is, your next winter coat can be a practical staple or a style statement. Perhaps you need a subzero winter parka or a wool overcoat to wear to the office. Either way, when buying your next winter jacket it’s important to get clear with what you’re looking for specifically and then to follow these next tips to ensure you find a long-lasting, high-quality winter coat you are certain to love for years to come.

Choose the Right Materials

As with most clothing, choosing the right materials for your winter coat is key. While in the spring and fall, the material of your jacket doesn’t need to protect you as much, but in the winter, your coat’s material is key to whether you can stay warm enough and face the elements. If your winter coat also needs to be water- and windproof, it’s important to pay attention to choosing the right materials that will do that. Down, wool, and synthetic materials such as Gortex are also great choices for a winter coat that will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable for even the fiercest winters.

Material will also change the appearance of your winter jacket. A woman’s wool coat will offer a very different aesthetic than a long puffer jacket. Choosing the appropriate materials is important for shopping for your next favorite winter coat.

Check the Fill

Like with choosing materials, not all fill is created equal. While fill for fall and spring coats is less of an issue, fill for a winter coat is important to ensure you get the experience and function you’re looking for from your new favorite winter coat. Fill is especially important when shopping for down coats. Nothing is quite so warm and lightweight as down, making it a popular and luxurious choice for those looking for a functional and comfortable winter coat. Checking the fill power number will tell you about the quality of the down, which will help you understand how well it will insulate. A coat with high-fill power is lightweight, super warm, and easy to pack down and unpack for easy wearing. High-fill-power coats may come with a higher cost, but if you’re looking for your next favorite winter coat, investing in a high-fill-power down jacket may be exactly what you need.

Temperature Rating

Temperature rating is another helpful gauge for understanding how warm your winter coat will keep you. If you live in milder regions of the country, perhaps temperature ratings aren’t that important for you, but if you live in colder regions of the country, you will want to be sure your new winter coat will be keeping you warm. Check the average winter temperature of your region and then shop for a coat rated for that temperature or lower. This will ensure you’re comfortable for the whole winter season.

Check Out the Details

Details on your next favorite winter coat may seem insignificant, but they are more than just for function and looking good. Some details will play a role in how long your coat will last and how warm you’ll be. For example, zipper closures will keep you far warmer than a button down. But, a button down coat will also look a little more sophisticated. Barn coats are a good example of winter coats that close with buttons, but are still relatively effective at trapping warm air. A high-quality zipper will be better at trapping heat and protecting you from cold winter air. Drawstrings at the bottom or waist of a winter coat are also more effective at trapping heat. Some coats even come with removable hoods, linings, or even faux-fur trim, which can add to and help you adjust your coat’s warmth according to the weather. Also, don’t forget every woman’s favorite feature. Be sure when shopping for your next winter coat that it’s got enough pockets for all your needs.

Find the Best Fit and Function

The fit of a winter coat is not just an important part of its looks, but also of its function. Your next winter coat should be about one size larger than your clothing size. This is to be sure that the jacket covers your body completely while also leaving some space for layering underneath. A coat that is too big won’t trap heat well, and similarly, a coat that is too small won’t leave room for airflow and insulation.

When selecting a winter coat, you also want to be aware of your fit versus function. Some people are looking for a new winter coat that’s all about style, while others need it for pure function. Stylish coats are often less warm than something more practical like a winter parka. Depending on your personal style and needs, you may want to compromise a little fit for some function, or some function for a more flattering fit. Either way, these are considerations to keep in mind when choosing your next favorite winter coat.

Washing Options

Sounds basic, but check the washing instructions when shopping for a new coat. “Dry clean only” may be annoying, especially if you live somewhere rural. You may prefer a winter coat that can be washed at home in a machine versus one that needs special cleaning care. While most winter coats don’t need to be washed much, it’s good to remember how you’re going to have to wash it when the time comes.

Use these tips when you’re shopping for your next favorite winter coat and you’re sure to find a coat of your dreams.


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