How to Win at Black Friday Without the Stress

How to Win at Black Friday Without the Stress

Savvy holiday shoppers know there’s much to gain from shopping on Black Friday. The sweet deals are hard to pass up, and with retailers offering Black Friday deals online too, shopping for everyone on your list is so much easier these days. However, you can become more efficient at holiday shopping by properly preparing for Black Friday. Though the savings are exciting, Black Friday can also be overwhelming if you’re not prepared.

Make a list and create a holiday budget to avoid overspending. Then, figure out where to shop for the best deals for your gifts. Also, determine if stores will be having deals before Black Friday. Since the holiday season will be a bit different this year, to keep people as safe as possible, some retailers may be offering deals throughout the month, not just on Black Friday. After preparing ahead, you’ll be ready to own Black Friday this holiday season.

Create a Budget & Write a List

Before writing your shopping list, create a budget to avoid overspending. Then write a Black Friday shopping list. Will you be buying monogrammed bath towels and throws for the grandparents? How many electronics will you try to purchase? Also, what gifts will you be stuffing in the family’s personalized Christmas stockings?

You’ll be surprised at the sheer amount of sales there are out there, so remember to keep an eye out on deals beyond Black Friday. You may find better deals on Cyber Monday or throughout the holiday season.

Take Note of Clothing Sizes

If you’ll be purchasing apparel, like kids’ winter coats or stylish jeans for your teens, you may want to take note of the right sizes and favorite designs for everyone. Again, you want to avoid wasting time and overspending. If you go in already knowing exactly what to buy, you won’t begin buying things you may have to return in the future. Online stores also usually categorize their items based on size, so if you know for sure what clothes you’ll be getting, bookmark the pages you’ll be visiting in the future.

Come Up With a Game Plan

After creating a budget, writing your holiday shopping list, and researching potential sales, come up with a game plan. What can you buy before Black Friday? After buying gifts from pre-Black Friday sales, determine what’s left to buy and how you will spend Black Friday. Remember, many stores now open their doors on Thanksgiving night. Will you purchase your bookmarked items first before heading out? Will you stand in lines on Thanksgiving or wait until Friday to spend more time with family, or will you participate in contactless shopping or order your items for pick up?

Determine your game plan to avoid wasting time. You may love the thrill of shopping in stores, especially if you don’t have a strict budget and plan on buying a few extra items. Or you may want to lounge all day in cotton pajamas while adding gifts to your online basket.

If you decide to shop in stores, perhaps consider having a shopping buddy with you to aid you in quickly finding what you need. On the other hand, if you decide to do most or all your shopping virtually, having a virtual Black Friday-themed party is a fun idea. Whether with friends or family, having a virtual party will allow you to connect with your usual shopping buddies while dressed up in ugly (or cute) Christmas sweaters.

Get In & Get Out

Whether you’re going shopping on Thanksgiving night or Friday, try to stay safe while shopping. Christmas shopping is a fun experience and adds to that overall jolly holiday feeling. However, since things are a bit different this year, though you want to enjoy your time, try not to linger too long. Again, another option you have is picking up from stores that allow curbside pickup or even using delivery services. Overall, choose what’ll give you peace of mind.

Buy Something Special for Holiday Self-Care

After finishing up your Christmas shopping for others, get in on the deals by buying items for your home and yourself. First, buy any additional Christmas decorations to finalize your home holiday display. Also, look for wrapping paper and other gifting materials you may still need. Nothing’s worse than having to run out and get additional wrapping paper while wrapping last-minute gifts on Christmas Eve. Also, purchase hosting items, like food and candy trays, serving platters and utensils, Christmas towels, and anything else that’ll elevate the holiday spirit at home.

Finally, snag a gift or two (or three) for yourself for a day of self-care during the holiday season. Planning the perfect Christmas is no joke, and this year, the holiday season may be extra stressful. So, look for deals that’ll let you have a day to yourself kicking back in comfort.

For your self-care day at home, consider a super-soft robe and slippers to luxuriously lounge in. Buy some relaxing scented candles, like warm vanilla or earthy fir, to set the mood and a personalized mug for your cup of joe. Or update your wardrobe with new winter clothes, like a chic down coat or sweater dress. You deserve it!

Shopping on Black Friday is an exciting tradition for some, but shopping for deals throughout the holiday season is a game-changer. So, win at Black Friday and Christmas by determining where and when to shop the best deals this holiday season.


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