Best Sweaters for Work and How to Wear Them

Best Sweaters for Work and How to Wear Them

Whether you work in a frigidly cold office or live in a cold climate, wearing sweaters to work is always a good idea. We've all been there when the temperature outside is moderate and enjoyable, but you walk into your office and the arctic air conditioning has you shivering. No matter the condition, there's an easy rule book for wearing sweaters to work and still looking put together, sophisticated, and professional.

Sweaters come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials, and depending on the occasion, they can easily be dressed up or dressed down. From luxurious cashmere sweaters to wool long-sleeve jerseys and cardigans, there are infinite outfits and coordinates to make an elegant and tailored style.

Beat the cold with these easy tips and tricks for wearing warm sweaters to work.

1. Be Prepared to Layer Your Sweaters

If you fit the scenario where your office is terrifyingly cold, but your morning commute is comfortable and moderate, layers are the only answer. Prep by wearing your coolest item (like a short sleeve blouse or polo top) as the first layer, and then add on for the cold, so that you can include or remove layers based on the temperature. Keep in mind that at work, you'll want to keep a collected and thoughtful style to maintain the utmost professionalism. You can easily achieve this by simply always wearing clean, fresh, and crisp items.

2. Lined Coats & Jackets

This secret weapon is a genius hack for surviving the cold weather. Lined women's winter coats and jackets are typically made with an outside shell that can withstand the elements, and then the inside layer is normally made from fleece or Sherpa, meaning it's extra warm and snug. When worn together, these two layers protect well against the cold, but when worn separately, you have two clothing items in one. During your cold commute, wear both the coat and the included lining, but once inside, wear just the inside layer as a sweater. This foolproof cold-weather trick will serve multiple purposes.

3. Tunics & Skinny Jeans

Tunics make great workwear as they are ultra-conservative, covering the majority of the body with long sleeves and minimal skin exposure, Additionally, their length makes it comfortable for moving around or sitting down, meaning you never have to worry about showing too much skin in the workplace. Tunics additionally come in all different colors, patterns, and fabrics making them suitable for any type of weather. Pair a warm tunic made from cashmere or flannel with skinny jeans for a tailored look that is ultra-feminine but also work-appropriate and conservative. The longer length and feminine fit make it easy to layer this look under more coats and sweaters and still maintain a sophisticated look. Finish your outfit off with ballet flats or booties for a stylish and classic, polished ensemble you can wear from office hours to date night out.

4. Turtlenecks & High-Rise Jeans

Depending on whether your office is ultra-casual, or maybe you feel like impressing on casual Friday, this look is one for the ages and it exudes style. While this outfit may appear a bit vintage, it's making a comeback with sassy and stylish '70s inspiration. For days when it's chilly, you can wear this look under a long coat with boots. Pair a striped or solid-colored slim-fit turtleneck with high-rise jeans in a boot cut or flare style for a put-together look. The slim lines of the turtleneck sweater will make your upper body appear feminine and small, while the high-rise jeans will cinch your waist. Choose a pair of jeans with a dark dye to lengthen the legs, and pair them with heeled boots for a sassy look. Add jewelry, like gold hoops or a simple chain necklace, to your ensemble, and for an added statement, throw a fun scarf in your hair.

5. Cardigans

Another, more classic, go-to look for workwear is women's cardigan sweaters. Cardigans are a chic and classic way of wearing sweaters while maintaining an elegant and feminine look. You can wear cardigans over pretty much everything, from camis to T-shirts, and there are always ways to dress them up or down. Pair them with crisp, pleated slacks for an office-appropriate combination, or pair them with jeans for a more casual look. Cardigans are typically thin enough to be worn over other sweaters and underneath coats and not look too bulky, meaning they're the perfect layer for commuting or for arctic offices. Dress this layer up with a broach for a preppy and sophisticated look.

If you're looking for ways to wear sweaters to work, we recommend pairing different types of layers, like vests, sweaters, cardigans, and turtlenecks to add dimension and make sure your whole body stays warm. Remember, you can always add or remove your clothing to reveal the next layer, making commutes, work, and running errands that much more comfortable.


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