How to Wear Petite Shawl Sweaters

How to Wear Petite Shawl Sweaters

Shawl sweaters are a winter staple that belongs in everyone’s winter wardrobe. These cozy sweaters are your go-to layering piece that is versatile, stylish, and effortless. Whether you need an outer layer on a brisk fall day, some extra coziness on a snowy day, a warm throw-over for the office, or a cute style piece of a cool spring day, then you’ll find everything you need in women’s shawl sweaters.

This style of women’s cardigan sweater is also universally flattering. The shawl collars, draped fronts, and streamlined fit is as elegant as they are comfortable and will add a flair to any outfit.

With so many colors, fits, designs, and styles, there’s a shawl sweater style for everyone. Including petite women. Petite women can sometimes struggle with regularly sized cardigans and feel more comfortable in petite cardigan sweaters. If you’re a petite woman looking to find her new winter staple, check out all these practical and cute ways to wear petite shawl sweaters.

With Jeans

One of the easiest go-to looks for the cooler months is to wear your petite shawl sweater with your favorite pair of classic jeans. The front drapes of the shawl collar on your petite shawl sweater lend an air of elegance to your classic jeans and T-shirt look. Wear a pair of dark wash jeans with a T-shirt, long sleeve shirt, or turtleneck and a pair of stylish boots.

Shawl sweaters look especially good with a fitted pair of jeans to give a nicely balanced look. Avoid flares or bellbottoms as they tend to add more visual weight to the bottom of your outfit. Instead, stick to jean styles that offer length and a flattering silhouette. High-waisted styles, bootleg, straight jeans, skinny jeans, and jeggings all look great when worn with a looser fitting and more flowy shawl sweater. The lightweight nature of the sweater looks great in contrast to the more fitted look of a pair of jeans. Top off your outfit with your shawl sweater for the added texture, dimension, and coziness that makes this the perfect go-to look for fall, winter, and spring.

Over a Dress

Make your dresses last longer than summer and wear them as transition season pieces by styling with cozy layers. Style your favorite petite dress with a petite shawl sweater to wear your warm-weather pieces into the fall and spring. Wear with some high-cut leather boots and tights and you’re ready for the weather.

We love the look of chunk knit shawl sweaters over soft cotton or silk dresses for a nice contrast that still feels summery while also looking perfect for fall. If you live in a cold winter region, instead try wearing a shawl sweater cardigan over a sweater dress. The combination is sleek and particularly elegant, making it a great choice for dressier occasions. Wear with snow boots and a pair of wool tights for a cute and chic aprés-ski look.

For Work

Whether you work from home or have headed back to the office, petite shawl sweaters are the perfect go-to sweater for both comfort and professional style. The collared look of this shawl style is particularly good for professional settings as it offers the same aesthetic as wearing a collared shirt. Make your work-from-home video calls effortlessly professional by simply slipping a shawl sweater over whatever it is you’re wearing to make it look more work-appropriate on-screen. Whether you’re wearing your shawl sweater over your work clothes or your work-from-home clothes, this staple piece is both professional and comfortable for effortless wear.

With a Skirt

Petite shawl sweaters look great styled with a petite skirt. Choose a midi-length or pencil-style skirt to create the appearance of more length and balance the visual with a more dimensional shawl sweater on top. This classic look is versatile to wear for many occasions and through most seasons. Perfect for wearing to work or for sipping hot cocoa or cider with friends on a crisp fall afternoon. For cooler days choose a wool skirt and wear over tights and a pair of boots with a chunky knit shawl sweater. Opt for buttons so you can button up your sweater and stay extra cozy during those brisk days.

Women’s petite shawl sweaters come in a variety of designs and materials so you are sure to find the perfect fit for the occasion, weather, and your personal style. Few sweaters styles are so reliable and effortless to wear than the cozy and stylish shawl sweater.


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