How to Wear Pastels

How to Wear Pastels

Choosing pastels is such a beautiful and bright way to embrace color for the spring and summer. With spring just around the corner, pulling your brights and pastels out of the closet may be just what you need to start dusting away any winter gloom. With their brightness, softness, and all-around good vibes, pastels are everything we need to feel stylish and on theme for spring and summer fashion.

Whether you are into trends or classics, adding pastels to your wardrobe is a must. Their soft hues have become a classic spring staple year after year, and when you style them well, you’re always going to look fashionable and cool. Here are some of our favorite ways to style pastels this spring and summer.

With Denim

One of the easiest and most reliable ways to wear pastels this spring and summer is denim. Whether it be a soft yellow T-shirt over your favorite jeans in the spring or a denim jacket thrown over your pastel tulip-hued summer dress in the summer, denim and pastel are really a match. This reliable pairing really makes it hard to go wrong with pastel.

The blue hue of denim, as well as the material of denim itself, is more neutral and will tone down the pop-out quality of pastels. Darker denim especially can be a very calming balance to pastels. Brighter and lighter washes of denim also make lovely pairings for your pastels. Go ultra-spring and summer brights by wearing pastels with your white jeans or light washed denim. While this bright look isn’t everyone's style if it’s yours definitely take the opportunity to wear bright jeans with pastels for a light and bubbly feel.


Go bold or go home. Don’t be shy to rock one pastel throughout your outfit. Choose one color or pastel and stick with it throughout your look. This look is definitely more of a statement feel, meaning, can be worn when you’re looking to really feel amazing and stand out this spring. A pastel pants suit or pastel button-up blouse tucked into a matching women’s skirt is truly a look that will make you feel and look fabulous. Pastel capri pants are especially fun when worn with a matching T-shirt and a comfy pair of shoes for all your daytime activities. Monochrome is definitely a statement look, but it’s a good one that’s going to leave you feeling confident and fabulous.

With More Pastels

Instead of going monochrome, instead, style your favorite pastel with just more pastels. For example, a blush-colored button-up women's blouse will look amazing worn underneath a very light blue pastel jacket for spring. Wearing pastels with pastels is a really cute and colorful way to be creative and make an outfit statement for spring and summer outfits. Baby pink with lavender, mint green with sky blue, and peach with blush yellow are all winning combos. Wear baby blue pants with a mint green blouse for a sophisticated but spring-ly look. Think: A soft pink dress with lavender accessories. Pastel on pastel is a fun way to get creative and feel bubbly and fabulous this spring and summer.

With Neutrals

One of the safest and easiest ways to wear pastels is with neutrals. Wearing pastels with neutrals is also a great way to let the pastels pop without taking over the whole outfit. White, grey, black, and beige are the best neutrals that will look nice with your pastels. Pairing pastels with neutrals will also make the outfit less overwhelmingly sweet and give it a little more maturity and sophistication. If you're just beginning your journey with wearing pastels, then wearing them with neutrals is a really good way to start. Begin by going with a neutral as your main color and then adding pastels as a pop of color or brightness as a tasteful detail. Another great way to integrate pastels into your look is to paint your nails in pastel and let them be what brings more pastels to your look.

With Bright Colors

If you’re feeling like being bright and colorful this spring and summer, we don’t blame you. Do this by wearing your pastel pieces with bright and intense colors. If you want to intensify pastels, wear them with their darker counterparts. This pairing is a chic way to integrate pastel into your palette without looking too sweet and still maintaining something bold and sophisticated. For example, try wearing peach and orange this summer for a trendy combo that feels super bright and summery. Other matches are baby pink and red, mint green and dark green, baby blue with ocean blue, and bright yellow with brushed yellow. Try wearing hot pink leggings under a blush baby pink T-shirt for a fun and spring-ready workout look.

In Patterns and with Prints

Another more interesting way to wear pastels is to wear them in or with prints and patterns. Floral prints especially pair very nicely with pastels and definitely embrace the vibe of spring and summer. Patterns such as gingham are also particularly nice when worn with or as a pastel. If you’re still getting comfortable with wearing pastels, try instead wearing prints and patterns with hints of pastel in the prints, so you capture the feel and vibe of pastels without going all out. Women’s dresses are an especially nice way to do this and begin to incorporate pastels into your style.

Bring brightness and creativity into your look for spring and summer this year by exploring wearing pastels in all these fun and fashionable ways.


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