How to Wear Men's Swimwear Bottoms Beyond the Pool

How to Wear Men's Swimwear Bottoms Beyond the Pool

Cool, comfortable, and stylish, men’s swimwear bottoms are a welcome summer alternative to shorts for wearing beyond the pool. Not only will you expand your summer wardrobe, but you’ll also be wearing a versatile and great-looking piece that will keep you feeling as good as you look all summer.

Choosing Lengths That Suit

One of the first considerations in wearing men’s swimsuits outside the water is what short lengths you typically feel comfortable in. If you feel best in standard men’s shorts, regular men’s swim trunks will fit the bill. If you feel best in longer-length denim or khaki shorts, men’s board shorts might be the right option to wear beyond the pool. Even as you consider your regular style preferences, however, be open to trying something new. You might find a shorter or longer length helps you explore a new look and style that you’ll fall in love with.

How Versatile Do You Want Your Swimwear Bottoms to Be?

Another aspect to keep in mind as you choose swimwear to wear around town this summer is just how versatile you want them to be. The specific style, look, and pattern can make a big difference. The vibe of your outfit can change depending on how the bottoms look, though you can change up the style to suit your situation and mood. For example, a light-colored playful print will have a more casual, whimsical vibe that’s right at home outdoors or in laid-back settings. A dark solid or neutral color, in contrast, can have a slightly more polished and dressy vibe that could be more suitable for indoor or less casual locations. Many options fall in between these two examples, such as light plaid prints that look dressy or dark colors with fun prints that are more casual. For the most function and versatility of your swimwear outside the pool or beyond the beach, go for the style that you will wear most often or work in the environments where you most typically find yourself during the summer.

Style Swimwear Bottoms With the Right Shirts

Once you’ve settled on the length and style, now comes the fun: styling. Fortunately, modern men’s swimwear bottoms look great with a wide range of summer shirts. For a cool, sporty vibe, choose sleek men’s rash guards or a short-sleeved casual athletic tee in a crew-neck style. A V-neck short-sleeved tee takes it up a notch, while a long-sleeved tee looks great for evening wear or when the temperatures drop, even in midday. Lightweight button-up shirts with collars worn with your swimwear offer a stylish blend of casual cool. For the best look, keep the top button or two undone. Crisp white is always on point, while pastel colors and brights are also great for channeling that warm-weather vibe. For a beach-worthy feel far beyond the water, pair your men’s swim trunks or swimwear bottoms with a floral print or tropical men’s shirt.

Pair With Prints or Solids

No matter your general style preferences, it can be fun to switch things up for summer. Consider adding a variety of summer tops to your look that is easy to wear anywhere with your swimwear bottoms. Options such as comfortable print camp shirts and airy seersucker button-ups say style all the way. Striped polos and print pullovers keep things interesting, while solid-color performance tees and light waffle knits are casual yet sleek. Add a few top choices to help you switch up your style at will.

Look Legendary in Layers

Looking for an easy way to take your swimwear bottoms up a step? Consider adding layers. Throw on a short-sleeved mesh polo with a summer sweater over your shoulders, or opt for a plain white tee with a long-sleeved lightweight button-up top. Men’s hooded tops, three-quarter zip tops, and light fleece jackets are all great pairings with these summery bottoms for cooler evenings as well. Linen shirts look cool yet slightly dressy and can work well over tees, while two-button Henley tops can be layered over or under other pieces for more ways to work your stylish vibe.

Remember the Essential Accessories

Keep in mind that your accessories will complete your outfit. A great pair of casual sandals will compliment any outfit on this list. Athletic slides will work well with more sporty tops, while loafers will have that cool, sophisticated feel that works with a slightly dressier look. Men’s summer hats, beach bags, and even some casual jewelry are all great additions to your look too.

Men’s Swimwear Goes Beyond the Pool for Cool Style

Thanks to the sleek fabrics and great styles, today’s swimwear for men can go beyond the water and look great practically anywhere. Expand your summer style horizons and switch it up by pairing your favorite comfortable swim bottoms with some new summer shirt options. Add on a few accessories, and you’ll be ready to go with a beach-worthy style that will steal the show.


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