How to Wear Joggers Over 50

How to Wear Joggers Over 50

Fashion has shifted in a casual direction since the rise of hybrid and remote work. But does that apply to older people, too? Is there a way to wear some of these casual pieces, such as joggers, and still look and feel your best in your outfit? Of course! Workout joggers are comfortable and the perfect middle between pajamas and "real" pants. Here's how to wear joggers if you're over 50.

First, What Are Joggers, Exactly?

Joggers are defined as pants that have a drawstring or elastic waist and usually tapered legs with snug cuffs. They're worn especially for exercise or comfort. They're typically loose-fitting and made of a range of different comfortable fabrics from cotton to weather-resistant materials. They're also easy to care for, generally machine washable, and can come in solid colors or prints.

The Easiest Jogger Combination

Joggers are interesting as they have a little more range than most people would think, but the most common and well-known purpose of joggers is, of course, to make workout or relaxation outfits. If you wanted a loungewear outfit for relaxing at home on a Saturday afternoon or for a walk around your local park, your best combination will be putting your joggers with a women's t-shirt and sneakers. Here, comfort trumps all. Even so, you may still want to look cute as you go about your casual day, and joggers can help you get there.

Casual Jogger Outfits

If you want to keep things simple, stick with solid colors. A white t-shirt with navy blue or charcoal joggers would make a nice combination. Add a pair of brown or black sneakers if you're working out or even casual walking flats to complete this look. If you want a more interesting outfit, consider matching a pair of yellow joggers with a nice crewneck shirt that has yellow and green in it. Add a yellow straw hat, some coordinating earrings, and your preferred sneakers or flats, and you're ready to stroll around the park in style. If you were hoping for something slightly nicer and feel like changing things up, why not go for a casual, dark colored button up shirt with bright red joggers or joggers with a fun pattern? Finish the look with sunglasses, large bright earrings, and some sensible flats, and you have yourself a great casual outfit.

How to Make Joggers Fancier

There are also ways to dress up joggers and create outfits appropriate for brunch or a relaxed get-together with friends while remaining cozy and comfortable. If you were thinking of wearing your joggers to one of these latter occasions, you'll probably want to focus on sticking with solid colors as these are the easiest to take to the next level. If you have patterned joggers that you like, that's great! Make sure you choose more simple pieces to surround your joggers so your outfit doesn't get too overwhelming. Also, remember that most joggers are made out of casual materials which can look jarring if paired with hyper-formal tops. Always make sure to look in the mirror and see if a combination makes sense to you.

Classy Jogger Outfits

For some classy jogger outfit ideas, start with dark gray joggers and a black women's blouse. Use a large statement necklace and/or earrings for your jewelry and some coordinating shoes as focal points. Business casual sandals or small wedges would make sense with this outfit, as will a clutch or elegant purse. Be bolder with this outfit by switching your dark joggers for a brighter color you love. Shift your shoes to something more subtle and make sure your statement jewelry and your purse both match your new color! Moving on from there to something a little brighter, opt for some light blue joggers with a white blouse, then add a blue and green patterned kimono overlayer. A nice solid-colored purse would work well with this outfit and coordinating your statement jewelry still applies.

Joggers are great pieces. They're comfortable and casual, yet can be dressed up for different occasions. Within the range of different outfit possibilities that joggers give you, you'll be sure to find combinations that look great, feel great, and let you go through your day with confidence in your fashion choices no matter your age. Use these outfit examples as starting points, then go through your wardrobe to see how you can make joggers a part of your style, even if you're over 50.


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