How to Wear Floral in Spring Without Being Too Cliché

How to Wear Floral in Spring Without Being Too Cliché

Are you a huge fan of floral but worry wearing it too much in the springtime will only make your outfit choices look cliché? Don’t sweat it! While it’s inarguable that floral is super popular and a very common fashion choice for many women, there are so many ways to wear floral while preventing a look that could be written off as cliché. In fact, it could be argued that floral can be worn by anyone, no matter what their personal style is. As Style Weekly said, “Some of the combos may convince you that floral can work on any fashionista.” In this post, we will look at unique, trendy ways to wear floral creatively.

Make Your Footwear Floral

Clothing isn’t the only thing that floral can show up on … you can find it on shoes too! If you are a Carrie Bradshaw-level shoe enthusiast, then you understand just how fun it is to debut new footwear styles. Why not accent your outfit with a pair of floral shoes, like floral wedge sandals or floral ankle booties? If you do choose to wear floral footwear, limit the floral just to the footwear. Wearing a floral dress with floral footwear can end up creating a messy look (unless the floral patterns are complimentary!). Instead, keep things organized and trendy by just choosing one apparel piece to show off floral.

Accent With Floral

You don’t have to make floral the star of the show; rather, you can use it as an accent. For example, if you like the look of a monochromatic outfit but still want to make it pop in some way, accent it with a delicate, floral women’s scarf or a floral handbag. When you really start to think about it, there are endless ways to accent with floral. Want to keep it subtle? Accent with a floral scrunchie, a wristwatch with a floral strap, or get a manicure with a floral design.

Try Different Cuts

One of the reasons floral may come off as cliché in the springtime is not the floral itself, rather the cut and style of the clothing. Floral is most commonly seen in sundresses, so if you want to avoid a cliché, overdone look, avoid sundresses. Instead, opt for unique cuts, like a flare skirt. The flare feature of the skirt gives your outfit a classic, vintage vibe with an element of glam. Pair it with a cream cardigan and a pair of heels and you have the perfect outfit for a spring wedding.

Make Your Bags Floral

This ties into our earlier point about accenting with floral. We mentioned the ability to accessorize with a floral handbag, but it should be said that there are so many ways to accessorize with so many different floral bag styles. If you prefer backpacks to purses, why not accent with a chic floral backpack? If you don’t need a large handbag or a tote, you could instead carry your minimal belongings in a cute floral clutch purse. Think about the various purse and bag styles you love and then make it floral!

Try a Floral Blouse

Tired of floral sundresses? Keep that same fresh, spring look but swap out the dress for a silky floral blouse. A blouse in a floral print just instantly makes an outfit look dressier and trendier. While others might opt for a simple, solid-colored blouse in a neutral tone, you can show off your style and create a visually stunning look by opting for a floral print. Pair it with skinny jeans and heels for a dressy casual look or wear it with a midi skirt for a fancier affair.

Make Your Jewelry

As you may have gathered from reading our earlier point about floral footwear, you’ll notice we are all about trying to incorporate floral in more ways than just the clothing you wear. You can accent outfits by opting for floral jewelry, like tasteful floral earrings or a floral statement necklace. It’s a subtle addition, but it can really enhance your whole outfit and give it that spring feel.

Bonus Points: The Quintessential Fall Floral Look

When we hear “floral,” we often think of flowy, lightweight floral sundresses that are perfect for spring and summer fashion. However, floral is very much still in style in the fall and winter seasons. The key is to stick to darker, richer, more dramatic tones and accessorize the outfit appropriately for cold weather. A long-sleeve floral dress with a burgundy leather jacket and suede ankle boots is a killer fall look. The characteristically “masculine” features of the leather will beautifully complement the “feminine” features of the floral. If you want to try floral in the winter, layer something like a faux-fur coat over your floral dress. If you like the idea of layering denim jackets over floral women’s dresses in the spring, you can still do that; just stick to lighter, pastel colors and brighter tones.

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