How to Wear Animal Print Swimwear

How to Wear Animal Print Swimwear

Swimsuit season is here! If you are looking for a bold new look this year, we recommend an animal print swimsuit for all of your beach trip and pool party needs. Animal print is a timeless yet evolving, classic style that has been a recurring and longtime fashion trend. Animal prints have made their way through garments by way of everything from evening dresses to footwear to accessories to bikinis and swimwear. Animal prints have their place in the fashion world, nestled between big and bold styles and patterns, earth tones, and neutral colors. Bold but classy, animal prints are a great look for swimwear this summer.

What Is the Animal Print Trend?

As the name suggests, animal print is a clothing and fashion style that resembles a specific animal's skin or fur pattern. Animal print, of course, is not just one singular pattern. It varies greatly in both pattern style and color. From the big cat patterns such as leopard print, tiger stripes, and cheetah print to zebra and snake prints, each of these popular animal patterns has something cool and unique to bring to the table. Even though these are all lumped under “animal print,” each one is distinctive and can bring a different flavor to your wardrobe. Although there are some colorful exceptions, animal prints are typically found in their natural camouflage. These neutral tones mean that animal print is an extremely versatile and wearable pattern. It can be worn with almost anything, especially in swimsuit form. Whether you prefer a more modest one-piece swimsuit or a teeny bikini, animal print has you covered.

What to Pair With Your Animal Print Swimsuit

As mentioned before, animal print is usually neutral in color and surprisingly combinable with other materials and patterns. You could always go with some classic black, sandy beige, or crisp white beach cover-ups to pair with your animal print swimsuit, but why not go bold? We recommend big, bold, and bright colors, which are also very popular this year. A cherry red or a bright cerulean blue beach cover-up is the perfect pairing for your summer swimsuit.

Do not be afraid of bold colors and patterns this year, and do not stop at your swimsuit and cover-up. You are going to need some beach bags whether you are vacationing for a week or just heading to the pool for a day. (Don’t forget your sunscreen in that tote bag!) Make a statement by getting a tote in an animal print as well. This fun animal print trend does not stop at swimsuits, and neither should you.

Of course, you cannot forget about the accessories. A big, floppy wide-brimmed hat is always a smart accessory. It is sophisticated and chic while keeping those harmful UV rays off your face. A tightly woven straw hat is the best option for summer as it can protect your face and keep your head cool. Big, bold sunglasses are also the move this summer. Large, colorful, and plastic-rimmed sunglasses can elevate this bold summer look—the bigger, the better.

Water shoes are a smart and practical choice if you are going to be at a river with slippery rocks near the bank or at a rocky lake. However, if you are headed to a pool party or otherwise just lounging in the sun in your animal print swimsuit, up this vogueish summer look with a pair of platform sandals or wedge heels.

Be Bold and Get Creative With the Animal Print Trend

On that note, who says you have to be going swimming to wear a swimsuit? Wear your cute animal print swimsuit top with a skirt or shorts to an outdoor festival, a summer picnic lunch at the park, or as a fun, bold statement piece under a sheer top. Get bold and creative with your animal print pieces—it is what this trend was meant for!

Whether you have been a proponent of animal prints for years or you have just begun to experiment with your first cheetah print, there are endless ways to wear this style this summer. Grab your beach towel and your bold and beautiful new animal print swimsuit, and head out into the sun.


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