How to Wear a Sweater Cape the Superhero Style

Women's Guide to Wearing a Sweater Cape

The cape trend is here! From sweater capes to ponchos, this striking style is the newest and coolest way to capture elegance and warmth throughout the winter. Putting on a sweater cape will add a modern and sophisticated touch to your wardrobe, with a twist of style reminiscent of faraway lands. Sweater capes are also warm and versatile, functioning as both a sweater and a coat. You can wear them indoors or outdoors while staying cozy, comfy, and chic all around. We love sweater capes mostly because they make us feel like we’re comfortably draped in our favorite blanket all day.

Sweater capes are fun, trendy, and glamorous. These incredibly versatile pieces will have you feeling like your own superhero when styled in any of these super easy and fashionable ways. These capes are the ultimate in warmth and adaptability and are absolutely dreamy if you love layers (and who doesn’t?).

With Skinny Jeans

The easiest go-to to wear with the sweater cape that will have you feeling like you just walked out of a fashion magazine is skinny jeans. The flowing folds of your sweater cape will contrast beautifully with the sleek and form-hugging fit of your skinny jeans. For a more alpine-inspired look, wear your favorite skinny blue jeans with your furry snow boots and a chunky knit hat. To achieve a more sophisticated flair, wear your sweater cape with a dark wash or black skinny jeans and your suede or leather Chelsea boots. You’ll be ready for the great outdoors and most any occasion with this sweater cape and skinny jean pairing. If skinny jeans just aren’t your thing, that’s fine too! Wear your sweater cape with bootcut jeans or straight leg jeans instead for an almost equally sleek effect.

With Your Favorite Sweater

Layering is a big part of the fun of winter-weather styling, and layering is made even more fun and interesting when you top off your favorite sweaters with sweater capes. Depending on the material and thickness of your sweater cape, layering your cape over your go-to cashmere sweater may be all you need for your winter outings. Some sweater capes come in thick wools or cashmere and offer an unparalleled stylish warmth. Wear over a women’s cashmere turtleneck for a wintry elegance. The fitted cashmere neck pairs beautifully with the loose flow of the sweater cape. You can’t go wrong with this classic and versatile look. Wear a lightweight sweater cape over any of your favorite sweaters for added grace and interesting appeal for any indoor occasion or gathering. You’ll look incredibly striking and feel amazingly cozy, too.

With Leather Boots

There is something very fairytale-ish or story-like about wearing capes with boots. Feel and look not just worldly, but even a little otherworldly, by styling your sweater cape with a pair of leather boots. Regardless of the boot style you prefer, your sweater cape will look dashing and effortless with a touch of magic. Try wearing with some knee-high brown leather boots and leggings to achieve a classic look that is easy to dress up or dress down. If you prefer a shorter boot, then opt for a leather Chelsea boot, which also lends a more rugged appeal to your elegant ensemble. No woman’s winter wardrobe is complete without this stunning cardigan cape sweater and leather boot pairing.

Over a Skirt

Get ready for the ultimate flow look. Draped layers and flowing folds lend modern and streamlined elegance to any woman’s look. The vertical lines of capes over skirts are appealing to the eye while also subtly lengthening your look. Choose a flowing maxi skirt made from silk or knit blend to up your sweater cape game and go from superhero to wintry goddess. The flowing folds and drapes of this style will keep you looking down to earth while still exuding grace and glamour. If you prefer a tighter fit or skirt with a shorter hem, no problem! A sweater cape will look amazing with your skirt style of choice. Wear your sweater cape with a pencil skirt or a midi skirt with some opaque tights for a classic and chic seasonal look.

Dress up Your Winter Coat

This is when sweater capes flaunt their best of practicality and style. Drape a heavier knit sweater cape over a women's down vest or puffer jacket to arrive at a party looking elegant without having to compromise on warmth. Sweater capes layered over a down jacket are one of the best ways to make functional also fabulous.

Enrich your winter wardrobe with sweater capes of all weights and materials to easily bring this fun and trendy look into your personal style. Enjoy the subtle fairy tale magic of sweater capes all winter long. Feeling like a superhero has never been so easy.


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