How to Wear a Fleece Vest

How to Wear a Fleece Vest

You can turn one beloved-by-all fleece vest into uniquely individual outfits for your entire family. Utilizing this idea will allow everyone to look like they are part of the group while avoiding dressing the whole crew in the exact same outfit. It works great for photos and gatherings, making it an ideal wardrobing strategy during the holidays. Follow these examples to build each outfit.

Moms First: You need a highly functional, practical outfit because you’ll be chasing babies, wiping noses, and cleaning up spills as you mingle. Dark wash skinny jeans with plenty of forgiving stretch and sneakers start the look and ready you for whatever your day brings: from a tea party to a game of backyard football. Layer your fleece vest over a full turtleneck or easy mock turtleneck. Just like that, you’re cute, comfortable, and photo-ready in an instant.

For the Little Girls: Your girls wouldn’t be happy in matchy-matchy outfits even if you made it a family rule. So, building individualized fleece styles around what they each love is a snap. For your teeniest, pair her adorable toddler fleece vest with a long sleeve t-shirt, her favorite tutu, tights, and ballet flats. Or toss it over a sweet sweater dress if she’ll let you. She’ll still match the family vest look while stealing the show.

Mama’s Boy: For your son’s family fleece vest look, keep it simple. Solid fleece vest, boys' flannel shirt, jeans, or rugged Iron Knees®® chinos, and he’ll be ready to smile. Throw one of his favorite graphic tees under the flannel and you’re both happy.

Like Father, Like Son: Dad can follow Son’s lead on this one, as long as the boy’s age limit doesn’t exceed 9 (it’s a proven fact the look-alike love fades fast in tweens). Dad can’t go wrong with his fleece vest over a flannel shirt and men’s jeans. Yes, let him wear his old leather boots. Adds a little authenticity.

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