4 Ways to Rock a Crop Top

4 Ways to Rock a Crop Top

Whether you’re all about following the latest fashion trends or just want to have a little fun with your style and step outside of your comfort zone, a crop top may just be the savior you desperately need to shake things up. As women’s summer shirts go, it’s among the most comfortable, laid-back, and easy to wear.

But if you tend to wear tops that provide full coverage, it can feel a little ambitious to wear something that’s completely the opposite. The good news is huge, though: Crop tops are surprisingly versatile, easy for women of any age to wear, and perfect for almost any environment. That means you can make this little tee work in the most unexpected of situations and spaces. Here are just a few ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

Try It With Wide-Leg Bottoms

In the past, crop tops were typically cut to conform to the body. The average style does tend to sit relatively close to the skin, but modern-day variations offer the type of flexibility everyone craves. You can now easily score a cropped style with a more relaxed, easy silhouette that’s a little looser and more flattering. No matter your preferred cut, they all look great with wide-leg pants or women’s jeans.

Why the wider silhouette on the bottom? It’s all about balance. Cropping any type of garment immediately calls attention to its proportions. There’s a sense of exaggeration about a cropped top, so it’s always visually pleasing to pair it with something fuller on the bottom. Wide-leg trousers and denim are both incredibly flattering, too, so you can never go wrong when you opt for this choice. Add a pair of heels to elongate the leg and complete the look perfectly.

Layer a Long Blazer on Top

When does a menswear-inspired blazer that falls below the hip come in especially handy? When you want to make your crop top look more suitable for a conservative environment! Although you might not be able to pull it off in a particularly strict space where your typical dress code includes suits and knit dresses, you can absolutely wear it to a special event if you want to show off your ultra-fashionable side.

Layering a long blazer on top is just as visually effective as wearing wide-leg pants. The effect is sleek and balanced, and it conveys a reserved quality that’s particularly attractive. Given the length of your blazer, you can easily finish the outfit with a more streamlined bottom. Straight-leg pants or leggings both work well, especially when paired with wedge boots or heels. For a little pop, choose a crop top in a bright color and keep the jacket and bottoms dark and neutral.

Slip Into a High-Waist Skirt

High-waisted midi skirts are among the most stylish and sophisticated pieces out there. They exude a classy aura that’s impossible to resist, and you can wear them almost anywhere. They take you from the office to date night without a hitch, they look amazing for an impromptu lunch or dinner meet-up with your ladies, and they help you feel a little more polished and pulled together when you just feel like dressing up a touch.

The only way to make it better is to pair your skirt with a crop top! This little trick is ideal for anyone interested in the general idea of wearing a cropped style, but doesn’t necessarily want to reveal much skin. The skirt’s added coverage provides a little extra security, so at best you’ll only show a hint when you do pair the two together. Try something a little playful, like a lacy top or even a cropped and sleeveless turtleneck for a refreshing take on an all-dressed-up style.

Rock Those Classic Bermuda Shorts

One practical reason to wear a crop top is to handle oppressive heat like a pro. On those kinds of days that call for the bare minimum of clothing, a pair of women’s Bermuda shorts, makes the perfect partner for your top. The two play well together, drawing on your need for all-day comfort without sacrificing your inherent penchant for style.

Have a little fun with your look. If you’re wearing tan or black shorts, opt for a colorful cropped top that provides some fresh contrast. You can even throw on a printed style if you want to make a bolder statement. Don’t be afraid to cinch a belt around your waist if you want to achieve a more streamlined look.

With so many styling options, it’s no wonder that crop tops enjoy such popularity. Beloved for decades, they’ve undergone countless makeovers through the years. Whether you love a dressier style or prefer to take a more low-key approach, there’s no doubt you’ll find fun and creative ways to make it an integral part of your wardrobe.


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