How to Use Basics to Create Stylish Outfits

How to Use Basics to Create Stylish Outfits

The best wardrobes strike a balance between trendy pieces and reliable basics. If you only collect eccentric items for your wardrobe, you’ll have little to style them with. A wardrobe with too many basics, on the other hand, can leave you with the dreaded feeling of having nothing to wear. The good news is that you don’t need to go on a major shopping spree to achieve this balance. With just a few, quality basics, you can create plenty of fresh and fashionable looks. How, you ask? Read on to discover how to transform four everyday basics into stylish outfits.

The White T-Shirt

Trends come and go, but the plain white tee will always be in style. These women's t-shirts are unassuming but also extremely versatile. You can wear them in any season for almost any occasion. White t-shirts look good on everyone and come in a wide range of fabrics and fits. It may take a few tries, but you’ll find the ones that suit you best. It’s a good idea to stock up on a few different styles and sizes, since they’re so easy to wear.

To create a stylish outfit for casual occasions, wear your white t-shirt with cropped jeans. Tuck your tee into the waistband and put on a pair of crisp, white sneakers or cute slides to finish off the look. If it’s chilly out, pop on a trench coat or longline jacket. Need to dress things up for dinner? Add a leather belt and a few pieces of elegant jewelry. Instead of casual shoes, wear heeled sandals or ankle boots. You can create a variety of similar outfits by styling your white t-shirt with skirts and shorts.

The A-Line Skirt

While some women's skirts gather or cling at the thighs and buttocks, an A-line skirt is universally flattering. This classic skirt style fits snugly in the waist and widens across the hips, creating a beautiful hourglass shape. A-line skirts come in many different hem lengths so you never have to compromise on the coverage you want. You can also wear this skirt with stockings, leggings, or tights when you need an extra layer.

You can create plenty of casual stylish looks with an A-line skirt by styling it as you would a pair of jeans. It will look great with a t-shirt and tennis shoes, for example, or with a blouse and sandals. A-line skirts are also easy to dress up. Pair yours with a collared shirt, leather belt, and heeled pumps for a classic put-together outfit. When it’s cold out, swap the heels for a pair of knee-high boots and add a sweater or jacket to complete the look.

The Button-Down

The button-down is another classic silhouette that never goes out of fashion. Featuring long sleeves and buttons down the middle, it offers the same versatility as a white t-shirt in a more formal style. When a button-down fits snugly but not too tight, it looks fantastic on everyone. Made from fabrics like cotton, silk, and linen, these shirts are also comfortable to wear. Women's Oxford shirts feature a basket weave pattern that is slightly thicker for more durability.

Pair your button down with black slim pants or faux leather leggings and a tailored vest. You can wear this stylish outfit with heeled pumps, loafers, brogues, or booties. Accessorize with an eye-catching necklace or a pair of statement earrings and a sleek bag to match. To dress this outfit down, swap out the tailored vest for a cropped, button-up cardigan. You can also switch up the pants with a pair of light wash jeans. A stylish, slip-on sneaker is the perfect shoe to finish off the casual version of this look.

The Little Black Dress

The LBD has been a staple of fashion for decades and it’s easy to understand why. It’s a silhouette that looks flattering on every figure in a color can be worn with anything. Black dresses are also forgiving in that they easily hide stains and sweat marks. Black dresses come in a variety of shapes with different lengths and necklines. No matter which style you pick, this is a staple you can rely on for any time of year.

A black dress becomes instantly classy when worn with sleek jewelry and heeled shoes. If you need an extra layer, add a blazer or tailored coat for more formal events. In warmer weather, you can pair a black dress with strappy sandals and a lightweight coverup. For a more casual version of this chic outfit, wear your black dress under a denim jacket and pair it with sneakers. A baseball cap will add a nice finishing touch.

The white t-shirt, A-line skirt, button-down, and LBD are some of the most popular basics for modern wardrobes. There are, however, more silhouettes to choose from for your rotation. Depending on your job and lifestyle, your basics might include a blazer or a pair of straight leg jeans. Any item that you wear over and over again in different ways can be considered a basic. The key to getting the most out of yours is to focus on high-quality pieces that fit well. When something looks and feels great, it’s easy to find new ways to wear it.


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