Seasonal Ways to Use a Decorative Throw Blanket

Unique Ways to Use a Decorative Throw Blanket in Your House

A snuggly throw blanket is more than just a warm accessory. In fact, you can use a decorative throw blanket as a home decor accent piece to bring a fresh look to your favorite furniture. Let’s dive into nine unique ways you can use a throw blanket to spruce up your interior decor.

1. Accent a Couch

Throw blankets are popular items in living rooms since they bring an element of warmth to the family couch. Find a throw blanket that matches your couch and fold it over the couch for a creative accent. Aim to use complementary colors to add a pop of color, or integrate a color match between the couch and blanket design.

2. Snuggle up

First and foremost, throw blankets are used for added warmth. Don’t forget their classic appeal comes from being able to give that snuggly boost of warmth wherever you need it. Fleece blankets make great throws on couches and bedding. Consider adding a throw blanket to your guest bedroom, living room couch, or most comfortable chair.

3. Protect a Seat Cushion

Folding a throw blanket over a seat cushion is a great way to protect the cushion and add an element of style. Simply fold the blanket (you can even fold it completely around the cushion) and add it to your favorite chair or sofa. Using a throw blanket for protection is a great way to keep pets and messy kids from destroying your favorite piece of furniture.

4. Waiter Style

Carefully fold a throw blanket and drape it over the armrest of your favorite chair or couch. Use complementary colors to add layers of intrigue to any room. This artful way to style a throw adds an element of lush comfort and bright color, drawing your eye into the room.

5. Add a Bed Blanket

Throw blankets make for excellent bedding accents. Fold your throw across the bottom of your duvet covers for added warmth and layering. You can go for a classic thick fold, or just cover the corner of a down comforter. The result is an accent piece that provides a bit of comfort as well as style. You can't go wrong with a decorative bed throw blanket!

6. Personalize Your Living Room

The living room is arguably one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s a gathering place, where family and friends come together to make lasting memories. Your living room needs to be an inviting place with all the right comforts. Having a throw blanket or two brings that cozy sense of community directly to your space. Get personalized throws for each of your family members or snag a throw in everyone’s favorite color that matches the room. This creates a space that family members feel connected to.

7. Spruce up Your Headboard

Take a drab headboard and add a touch of design by folding a throw and draping it over the headboard. Aim for a skinny fold that goes directly down the middle. You can match your bed sheets for added design. The best part about using a throw to style a headboard is it’s easy to reach and use the throw if you get cold at night.

8. Design a Back Cushion

One creative way to spruce up a chair is to use a throw blanket to design a back cushion. First, select throw blanket colors that highlight the chair you’d like to use. Aim to match a few throw pillows. Next, remove the seat cushion from the chair or couch. Fold the throw blanket for a finished look, then drape the blanket lengthwise down the back of the chair and over the seat. Finally, put the seat cushion back on, and voila! You have a beautifully accented back cushion.

9. Fido’s Favorite

How is it that all your favorite things end up with the dog of the house? Throw blankets are just the same! Use an older throw to cover up your favorite pet’s bed or use them for warmth on chilly nights. Throws and four-legged friends go hand-in-hand during the cooler months.

Overall, there are several unique ways to utilize a throw blanket in your home. Spruce up your decor and add a cozy feel to any room with unique ways to style throw blankets. So snuggle up and love your home this season with these creative ways to use a throw blanket.


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