How to Upgrade Your Work Outfits With Accessories

How to Upgrade Your Work Outfits with Accessories

Accessories aren’t designed solely for fun nights out with friends, a day of touring a beautiful European city when you want to look extra cute for the pictures, or a formal affair with colleagues you are trying to impress. Indeed, accessories have their place in professional environments too. If you are looking for ways to spice up your work outfit, consider any one of these fabulous accessory ideas.

The Scarf

During the fall and winter seasons, you can accessorize your work outfits with a warm scarf. Sure, it’s a functional item, but it can also add dimension to your outfit. If you are wearing a basic, solid-colored top, give a look that extra oomph with a plaid flannel scarf. If you want to accessorize with a scarf in the spring and summer seasons, opt for a delicate neck scarf in a solid color like cherry red or in a floral print. Something so small can indeed make a tremendous amount of difference, leaving you feeling and looking even more stylish.

The Belt

A high-end belt is a classic investment well worth making. It just screams effortless style and really helps complete an outfit. If your workplace allows for more casual wear, this ensemble is a must: light wash high-rise jeans, heeled ankle boots, a tucked-in, crisp white tee, and a black belt. It’s very basic and utilitarian yet timelessly stylish and can be left as is, or you can accessorize further with colorful earrings or a pendant necklace.

The Watch

When we just described the outfit above, can’t you just picture a wristwatch in that ensemble? Sure, we don’t need watches to tell the time anymore as we all have smartphones tethered to us, but watches will never go out of style. Men and women can elevate their whole outfits with these subtle, little pieces. Whether you’re all done up in a suit and tie or a tuxedo-style pantsuit, or you are keeping a casual look, a high-end watch will be the cherry on top.

A Trendy Pair of Sunglasses

Now obviously, sunglasses aren’t designed to be worn indoors. Your colleagues might give you a few funny looks if they were to see you busily typing away at your computer in a pair of designer sunglasses. But they most certainly can be included in the entire outfit ensemble when you are coming to and from work. When you don’t need to wear them over your eyes, you can still use them as an accessory by letting them rest on your head or sit tucked into your shirt. Something about sunglasses will make you look trendy but also give off a relaxed, laid-back vibe.

A Gorgeous Bag

A bag is a necessary item to bring to work. It’s functional and designed to hold your personal supplies, maybe a lunch, and anything else you need for work, but it can also be used as an accessory. Investing in a high-quality handbag like a tote can really bring your entire work outfit to the next level. If you prefer a more hands-free style, a backpack might be the right choice for you. In some cases, you may prefer something more specialized, like a laptop bag with extra compartments to store your snack stash or other personal supplies.

Your Favorite Jewelry Pieces

Jewelry presents a quick way to accessorize a work outfit with minimal effort. So if you are pressed for time while putting together your work look, you can easily grab some cute stud earrings or a tasteful bracelet and really accentuate your outfit. When choosing jewelry accessories, be mindful of what the rest of your outfit looks like. For example, if you are planning to wear a V-neck women’s tunic sweater, the best necklace choice would be a delicate chain necklace with a small pendant. If you wear a turtleneck, you could add something fashionable and bold, like a statement necklace.

The same goes for earrings. If you wear a print blouse, avoid big, loud earrings and opt for pearl studs or small hoops. But if you are wearing a basic, solid-colored top, you can add a pop of color and excitement with vibrant, dangly earrings. Regarding bracelets, be mindful of what you are doing at work all day. If you spend most of the time working with your hands or typing on a computer, big bangle bracelets will only be an inconvenience and distraction to you. That’s why a cute leather-strap wristwatch is a much better choice.

Are you loving these accessory ideas and looking for new ways to elevate your work attire? Shop around for stylish and complementary pieces that truly represent your authentic style.

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