How to Upcycle your 2021 Clothes for 2022

How to Upcycle your 2021 Clothes for 2022

Doesn’t it seem like a shame to discard clothing that is still in relatively good shape just because it doesn’t seem to fit in your wardrobe collection anymore? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to take old clothes and give them a new life, which in turn gives you so many more opportunities with your outfits. In this post, we will take a look at some crafty ways you can upcycle your 2021 clothes for 2022.

From Dressy to Casual Style

Have an old blouse you have worn to work countless times, but you’re in the process of updating your professional wardrobe? If the blouse is still in decent shape, transition it to your casual wear wardrobe with a few styling tips. You can take an old white blouse, unbutton the bottom and tie it in a knot, and unbutton the top part for an off-the-shoulder look. Pair it with some women’s jeans and a few colorful accessories and you have a fun, stylish outfit for your day off.

Hang Onto That Old Jacket

If you have a beloved denim jacket that’s seen better days and you just can’t seem to part ways with it, don’t! Instead, give it new life by lining the interior with a faux sherpa fur lining. Not only will you be able to turn it into a brand new coat, but the faux-fur lining will also give it extra warmth, so you can be nice and toasty on a chilly fall day.

Make a Choker Tee

If you have a simple cotton tee that is super comfy to wear but is rather boring visually, change the cut by creating a choker tee. Cut it into a V-neck tee but leave just enough fabric around the neck. You can add to the outfit by wearing a chic pendant necklace in the area of the tee where you cut out the fabric.

Turn Your Old Sweater Into a Pom Pom Sweater

Haven’t you heard? Pom poms are in! It’s not just a look for little girls or teenagers either. It’s a style trend that is popping up in the fashion world and can be worn in various environments ranging from the office to a brunch date. Take an old women’s sweater you don’t wear as often as you would like to and give it a new look by stitching on colorful pom poms. There are no hard and fast rules. Want pom poms that are all in the same color or several different colors? Just want one or two pom poms or do you want to cover your sweater in pom poms? Size? Big, small, both, it doesn’t matter. This is your time to let your artistic side shine through.

Tie-Dye Old Tees

This is something everyone in the family can do, from grandpa to your tiny toddler. After all, who doesn’t love tie-dye? If you have a bunch of old T-shirts that rarely get worn and seem rather plain, plan a tie-dye day and have everyone dye their old tees! Simply fold all the tees into a spiral and soak them in bleach tie-dye for 30 minutes. Everyone will have brand-new tops that are way more fun and lively than they once were. Plus, tie-dye is back in fashion!

Give Your Wool Blanket a New Job

When we talk about upcycling, we don’t just mean clothes. You can upcycle things like blankets too! If you have no use for an old blanket that is still beautiful and in good shape, why not incorporate it into your wardrobe as a shawl? Just secure it in place with a leather belt and you are good to go. No one will know the difference.

Make a Headband Out of Your Old Flannel Shirt

Why throw out an old flannel shirt when you can transform it into a totally new piece, like a headband? Cut the materials you need and weave everything together to create a cute, stylish headband. You will likely have enough fabric to make more than one headband so you can give the other one to a friend or family member.

Turn a Men’s Dress Shirt Into a Dress

If the man in your life is getting rid of old clothes, rummage through whatever he plans to dispose of first. You never know what treasures you could find in there. For example, a men’s dress shirt can be salvaged and transformed into a cute, summery, women’s dress. Cut off the top (the shoulders, sleeves, and collar) and sew on one of your tops that you were planning to get rid of. These two simple pieces combined can give you a totally new outfit!

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