How to Transition from Office Attire to After-Work Plans with Ease

From Work to Play: How to Transition From Office Attire to After-Work Plans With Ease

Today’s women have a lot going on. Maintaining a job, daily responsibilities, and personal life can be a challenge. Your day goes way beyond the typical 9-to-5. There are dinners to be had and errands outside of work hours, and each of them most often won’t really call for the same types of attire. Turn to this simple transitional guide to get from cubicle to cocktails effortlessly. Along with simple steps to changing up your attire, you’ll also get great outfit ideas for chic pieces that go from work to play.

Step 1: Change Up Layers to Get the Perfect After-5 Attire

When it comes to making an outfit more versatile, layers really can be a woman’s best friend. With a few simple tips, you can make the switch from a classy work outfit to stylish after-5 attire with layers. A sleeveless white shell and a pair of ankle-length neutral pants, for example, look fabulous with a smart, work-appropriate blazer. When you’re ready to take it in a different direction after hours, swap the blazer out for an option like a luxe cashmere cardigan, leather motorcycle jacket, an elegant cowl neck sweater, or a cute denim jacket. No matter where you’re going, you can find a new layer that fits your after-work plans perfectly.

Start with classic staples like sheath dresses, slim-fit or ankle-length pants, and favorite tops or blouses. These fabulous basics are work-ready but will be going out approved with the addition of layers that will take your look to the next level.

Step 2: Add Accessories and Jewelry for Chic Evening Outfits

Even if you wear accessories and jewelry to work, your go-to office pieces are likely simple and understated. You can create a dramatic change in your outfit just by adding or switching our jewelry and other accessories. Sleek tunics and tailored trousers look fabulous for work, but you can take it to the next level by adding a bold, chunky necklace or oversize earrings. Add vibrant fashion scarves to your sheath and cardigan outfit to make a splash, or add a bold belt to the mix.

Switch out your handbag to a more playful or elegant style to set off your outfit and get a different look. A cute hat and some hoop earrings can give your pencil skirt and blouse a whole new look for an evening out, or add a women's fleece vest over turtlenecks and slacks for a casual happy hour outfit.

Step 3: Switch Out Your Shoes for Stunning Style

There’s no doubt that shoes can make a big impact on an outfit, so this is the perfect way to help give your work attire a makeover. Slim-fitting pants and pullover sweaters are great with flats at work, but you can elevate the look for evening with a pair of colorful heels. On the flip side, if your work outfit consists of a dress and heels, you can instantly get a different vibe for an evening by pairing your dress with cut-out ankle boots or gladiator sandals.

Once you've swapped out your blazer for a leather moto jacket or cropped sweater with your work dress, switch out those flats with stylish heels or chic booties. Dress your evening look up and down and make it feel fresh with a simple shoe swap. Whether you're prepping your look for date night, an evening out with the girls, or just for some casual fun with friends, the shoes will make all the difference.

Step 4: Make Styling Changes for Great After-Work Looks

Another easy way to help transition your look from work to going out is simply by making a few styling changes. If you’re looking to wear to happy hour after work, your office attire might fit the bill with some modification. If you don’t want to show up wearing the business attire you've spent the day in, tunics make great transition pieces. You can wear them to work and after, but what's important is swapping out a pair of trousers for some jeans to give more casual vibes to your happy hour look.

Wearing a print button-up blouse and chinos for work? Make it feel less like an office outfit by tying your top at the waist. If you're wearing a button-up blouse under a pullover sweater, wear the sweater alone with your skirt or slacks for an elegant change. Instead of plain nude hose under your dress, try printed tights or legging with some interesting shoes. If your office allows for skinny jeans, try wearing them all day and then just swapping out the type of shirt or shoes that you're wearing for something more casual at dinner time. All that's left to do is enjoy that post-work bliss!

Tips for After-Work Looks for Running Errands and Exercising

Sure, you try to get a lot of your to-do list done on the weekends. But there's still so much to be done during the workweek, too. Nobody wants to be out running errands in high heels and a stiff blazer. Instead, change into a pair of flats and throw on a comfortable coat or jacket while you get the kids from school, or stop by the grocery store.

Whether you're running errands or trying to get a quick workout in after your workday ends, leggings will be the quickest way to transition into your exercise outfit. With leggings, you're already half-dressed for the occasion. Simply swap out work heels for sneakers and throw on your sports bra and tank top. Before you even get a chance to rethink exercising, you'll be dressed and ready to go, whether you plan to take Fido on a walk or find your zen in a yoga class.

Be Stylish Without the Stress

Work-life-style balance is easy as wearing outfits that are versatile and adding special touches to help you make the most of your day. No matter where your after-work hours take you, being prepared with a few tips and tricks can help you make the most of your look with minimal effort. Look and feel your best from 9 to 5 and beyond, with these ideas!


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