How To Transform Your Wardrobe This Spring

How To Transform Your Wardrobe This Spring

When the first signs of spring emerge at the end of a long, cold winter—birds singing, buds in the trees, a day above 50 degrees—we immediately want to ditch our wool sweaters and winter coats and wear nothing but bright dresses and strappy sandals. Spring is a time to try new things, whether we’re shopping online or shopping in our closets. We love embracing new spring trends and picking up a new wardrobe item or two as the seasons change, but a little creativity and inspiration are all you need to give your wardrobe a new lease on life. There are loads of ways to change things up, turning items you wouldn’t think to wear in the spring into your seasonal staples. Here are some of our favorite ways to shift into spring mode.

Play With Patterns

An easy way to boost your mood and get noticed, patterns are a brilliant addition to your spring wardrobe. The bolder, the better! From classic stripes and florals to more unexpected retro prints like polka dots and paisley, adding a pattern to your look is a great way to transition from winter to spring and rewrite your look in a big way.

If there’s a silhouette or style you love, like the maxi dress or women's t-shirt, you can carry this trend right into spring while refreshing it with a cool new pattern. We guarantee you’ll get compliments and turn heads, and feel fabulous while you do it.

Brighten Up

While we love our neutral tones and all-black ensembles, nothing says spring fashion like bright, bold colors. You may have a hue that’s your go-to, whether it’s a bright blue, pale pink, or robust red, and those should stay in your rotation. But why not try something new for spring? Perhaps you never wear mustard yellow, but it ends up being one of your most flattering shades! A gorgeous green might be a surprisingly good look for you. You'll never know until you try.

Dress Up Your Sweats

If you want us to leave our sweatpants at home for spring, you’ll have to pry them from our cold, dead hands. We’ve become so accustomed to the cozy comfort of women's loungewear that we find it hard to settle for anything less. Lucky for us, athleisure continues to be a fashion staple, and we’re able to keep our favorite couch look in the rotation. But let’s be real, we need to take it up a notch for spring. Matching a pair of well-made sweatpants with an overshirt and sleek jewelry is one way to transform the at-home look for going out. A cool hoodie with jeans and heeled boots is another way to experiment with comfort wear. A pair of flared leggings go perfectly with a cute statement top or tank top. Don’t say goodbye to your favorite chilling wardrobe—simply try something new.

All in the Details

One of the easiest ways to transform your wardrobe for spring doesn’t even involve changing out your clothing. Instead, we like to simply add some flair. Adding accessories instantly takes your look up a notch, making you seem like a whole new person. A pair of earrings, especially a bold hoop or something fun and dangly, can make a simple shirt sing, or emphasize a statement top. This spring, we’re also all about hair accessories. A headband or bandana can make any look more springy and playful, and add some personality to your outfit in an instant. A statement necklace always gives your look a new spin, too. So stop looking at all the amazing jewelry and accessories you own but hardly ever put on, and start wearing them!

Refresh With a Dry Clean

It’s easy to put off, but dry cleaning your favorite wardrobe items can give them an instant refresh that makes them ready to wear for spring. Nicer tops, dresses, and bottoms shouldn’t be thrown in the washer, as they can easily be damaged. Dry-cleaning these items can make them look like new again, and encourage you to dig them out of the back of the closet to be worn and shown off. Dry cleaning is an investment, but it’s one we recommend for the clothing you want to take care of and wear for a long time.

Transforming your wardrobe for spring doesn’t have to be an ordeal—in fact, it can be surprisingly fun, allowing you to embrace new things while recycling old ones you may have forgotten.

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