How to Transform Your Guest Bathroom

How to Transform Your Guest Bathroom

For many of us, our homes are much more than just a place to live. Instead, they’re our sanctuaries, a space that is truly ours, and a reflection of who we are. That’s why we take the time to decorate, frame meaningful photos to proudly display, and clean (probably a bit more than we need to, let’s be real!) before we have any guests over. And because our homes hold so much meaning, it’s normal that our to-do lists grow as we start to notice projects – both big and small – while we’re supposed to be relaxing on a lazy Sunday morning. These to-do lists can start to feel daunting if we’re not careful, which is why it’s often the best bet to pick a single room and start there.

While your guest bathroom might not feel like the most important room in your home, it’s important to show this space some love. After all, this is part of how our families, our friends, or any other out-of-town or even party guests experience our homes. It’s a room that often gets overlooked when we’re tackling home projects, so it’s likely overdue, and—onto the good news—it’s also an oh-so-manageable room to take on when we start to tackle those growing to-do lists. Read on for easy ways you can totally transform any guest bathroom.

Start With a Clean Slate

The very first step you should take when transforming your guest bathroom is a deep clean. We don’t just mean the extra time you spend cleaning before a party or the arrival of houseguests—we mean a clean you might need to make a cleaning playlist for (we suggest your favorite pump-up jams, by the way!). Get into nooks and crannies, like cleaning the tile grout, the base of the toilet, and polishing any faucets.

Next, set your sights on any reorganization that the space needs. Your guest bathroom likely doesn’t have the same kind of clutter your primary bathroom does, but there are likely some old shampoo bottles that you could throw out or some old toiletries a previous guest left that you could toss. Once you’ve made some new space, organize any existing items using aesthetically-pleasing organization solutions, like seagrass baskets or a boho-chic multi-tiered rattan shelf.

Think Big But Start Small

Okay, now that you’ve rolled up your sleeves and tackled the first step, it’s time to move on to the fun stuff. But before you go knocking down any walls or replacing any tile, it’s key to start with the little things. You’d be super surprised at how big of an impact some small changes can make in a bathroom, like swapping out your shower curtain and your bath rugs and mats.

A new shower curtain and upgraded bathmats will instantly transform a bathroom, so make sure you have a plan in mind before you start shopping. Starting with a color pallet is always a great way to ensure everything looks cohesive once you’re done with the overall project, and this can also be a great time to change the interior aesthetic of the space entirely. So, decide in advance if you want to go with a certain look, like fun patterns and earthy hues for a boho-chic vibe or light and airy solid shades with a few decorative seashell patterns for a coastal minimalist look.

Fresh Linens for a Fresh Space

Next, you’ll want to take stock of the linens you have in your guest bathroom and the adjacent linen closest (if applicable!). This is a great time to take any bleach-stained or tattered bath towels and hand towels and upgrade them with a fresh, matching set.

The towels you offer your guests and the towels you keep in the bathroom they’ll be using throughout their visit are just as important as the bedding on the beds in the guest room. Sure, you might not want your in-laws to stay forever, but you want them to be comfy throughout their stay. And having a plush, matching towel set is key to transforming your guest bathroom—even if it might feel like a small upgrade.

A Little Accent Goes a Long Way

An accent wall is a bit more of a commitment than the other changes we’ve mentioned so far in this post, but you’ll be surprised at how doable this task is.

You can opt to add a pop of color to the bathroom by painting one of the walls or go for a vibrant print with peel-and-stick wallpaper. This is another reason why it’s essential to go into this project with a color pallet and a design plan, as you’ll want everything to look and feel cohesive once you’re done with the accent wall.

Now that you have all of the steps in mind, get ready to throw on that playlist and make it happen! You and your guests will absolutely love what you’ve done with the space, and you’ll enjoy your next lazy Sunday that much more knowing something is checked off of your list.


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